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Water Procurement

Water can be found and collected in numerous ways. You should stay on the move until you find a source of water. Streams, lakes and rivers are going to be the most obvious sources. Listen for the sounds of a river. They can be heard in the quite woods from miles away. Also keep in mind that water always flows downhill, so look for valleys and low-lying area’s as a good chance to find water.

Watch the wildlife. Animals always know where the water is so look for animal tracks /swarming insects are also a signal that a water source may not be far away.

Vegetation is another thing to steer towards. If you see lush green, its a good bet that a water source is nearby.

If easy sources are not available, a bit more ingenuity will be necessary.

At SeaIn the desertSolar Still
Beach WellLeaning TreeTranspiration
Gathering DewMudUnderground Still
Gathering RainwaterWater VinesVegetation Bag
Ice and SnowSeepage BasinWater Vines and Green Bamboo
Water SourcesCactusIn Extreme Cold
Pit-Style Solar StillWater From Moss