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How to Store Water Long Term in 4 Easy Steps

Knowing how to store water long term is a life-saving skill for hundreds of survival scenarios. City water systems are reliable, but not foolproof. Freezes, deterioration, and other events can destroy pipelines and delay urban water delivery for days. And survivalists know that, if society falls to disaster, there won’t be potable water coming through …

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How to Survive a Tsunami

You may think tsunamis are impossible to survive if you’ve seen videos of elevated tides rushing toward a shoreline filled with people. Following a massive earthquake, tumultuous, powerful water covers the shoreline and beach, overpowering bystanders and seawalls. Once you have information about the causes and signs of an impending tsunami, you won’t fear for …

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Transpiration, also referred to as sweating, is the process by which plants lose water through their leaves especially, but also stems, flowers and fruits. This water is converted from liquid form to vapor and released to the atmosphere. Water is absorbed through the roots of plants and moves up through hollow tubes in the leaves. Plants lose water through tiny …

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Water Procurement

Water can be found and collected in numerous ways. You should stay on the move until you find a source of water. Streams, lakes and rivers are going to be the most obvious sources. Listen for the sounds of a river. They can be heard in the quite woods from miles away. Also keep in mind that water …

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Ice and Snow

It’s imiportant to drink pleanty of water, even in frigid conditions. You can melt ice and snow for drinking water. Remember as far as pufifying, snow and ice are no purer than the water from which they come. Dont eat either without melting. Eating ice and snow can reduce your body temperature and will lead to further dehydration. …

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Gathering Dew

Water can be collected from vegetation. Using absorbent cloth like a cotton t-shirt, you can collect dew by wiping over leafy bushes and long grasses. You can also tie the cloth to your leg and walk through dew covered grass / coverings; wring out water and collect. It is an effective water procurement method.

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Boiling Water

Boiling is a very effective means of disinfecting water. Boiling is when the water releases “visual vapors”, you “hear a sound” coming from the pot/can and when you look inside you can see “bubbles popping” to the surface of the water. Boil for at least five minutes. Make sure the water is actually boiling – …

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