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Tree Pit Shelter

In a wooded area in deep snow conditions, this type of shelter can offer excellent protection from the elements.

Location:You should begin by looking for a natural feature to help build your structure. In this case, scout out a large tree in deep snow surroundings, with thick lower branches. When constructing this shelter these branches will provide you with a natural roof.

Break away any branches you will need to allow you to get under the tree. Save the branches to incorporate into the shelter later.

out the snow around the trunk of the tree. Dig down until you reach bare ground, or as deep as needed to fit into the shelter. Keep the shelter space small to reduce the amount of space to heat.

Pack the snow around the top and the inside walls of the hole to provide support. Gather evergreen boughs or any other insulating material you can find to use as lining for bottom and walls of the pit.

Collect additional boughs and place them over the top of the pit to give you additional overhead cover to prevent snow from falling off the tree into the shelter.

Tree Pit Shelter