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Pup Tent

A pup tent is a small, triangular structure used for shelter that is made with some sort of durable material, such as canvas, and two poles. One pole holds up the front, and one pole is placed in the back, giving the tent an A-Frame appearance.

The pup tent is characterized by its small size, thus the name ‘pup tent’ (kid-like size). The pup tent is ideal for individuals who need a lightweight shelter that is easy to transport and that can be constructed with ease and efficiency.


Step 1
Choose a good place to set up the shelter. There should be enough dirt for driving your tent stakes (no rocky ground), it should be fairly level, and in a well-drained area. Spread out a thick layer of leaves and pine needles to serve as insulation and padding.

Step 2
Unfold the pup tent on the ground, making sure that none of the tent fabric or lines are tangled up.

Step 3
Drive the first support pole into the ground, at either the front or rear of the tent.

Step 4
Draw a line over the top of the first pole so that it is taut, and then thread a stake through a loop on the end and drive that into the ground. To get a taut line, you will need either a second pair of hands or a weight like a heavy rock to secure the line.

Step 5
Repeat the process from Steps 3 and 4 with the other pole, placed at the other end of the tent.

Step 6
Go around the tent, pull each corner taut and stake them to the ground. Do this for each corner.

Pup Tent