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7 Tarp Shelters for Survival and Everyday Use

It’s hard to believe that our ancestors slept under the stars. They faced the elements and lived out in the world that we currently shield ourselves from. Only the very rare understand how effective a simple tarp shelter can be. The right tarp shelter for the right scenario can make a night out in the …

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Tree Pit Shelter

In a wooded area in deep snow conditions, this type of shelter can offer excellent protection from the elements. Location:You should begin by looking for a natural feature to help build your structure. In this case, scout out a large tree in deep snow surroundings, with thick lower branches. When constructing this shelter these branches will provide …

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Wickiup Shelter

A wickiup or wigwam is a domed, cone-shaped shelter covered with some sort of roofing materials. These roofing materials can include brush, bark, boughs, grass, hides, tarps, etc. The structures are formed with a frame of flexible poles, or saplings (about 5 or 6) that are driven into the ground in a half-oval or semi-circular …

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