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debris shelter

How To Build A Debris Shelter

The debris shelter is one of the simplest and most versatile shelters used for survival. It is made of sticks and branches, covered with leaves and other debris materials. Debris shelters are simple but sturdy shelters made from natural resources. You can create them out of wood, stone, mud, etc. These huts provide protection from the …

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Small shelter made out of a fallen tree

Fallen Tree Shelter

Videos of people building complex shelters in the wild have become incredibly popular. In these uncertain times, it seems many are seeking the healing atmosphere of our wild places. They want to make fires and build a shelter. Well, sometimes it’s the simplest shelter that can accommodate you best. Learning to build a fallen tree …

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Lean-to shelter

Lean-To Shelter

The woods and wild places are drawing people to them. A weekend in the woods can wash away the stain of florescent lighting and it can reset your circadian rhythm. It seems that most of us understand the damage that our hyper convenient, over digitized, and sedentary lifestyle is doing to us. More people are …

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Scout Pit

A Scout Pit is a shelter made by digging a trench or hole into the earth. The Scout Pit is an insulated shelter, remaining warmer in winter and cooler in warmer months. To Construct a Scout Pit: STEP 1: Find a place that doesn’t have a lot of tree roots to start digging. Make your trench about …

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