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Trench fire

How to Make a Trench Fire

In the early stages of fire building, wind can be a downright nightmare to deal with. When a fire is established, wind can actually help the fire. It’s like blowing on a bed of coals only without air from your own lungs. In a survival situation, it’s important to know how to build a trench …

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fire in snow

How to Build a Fire in the Snow

Whether you are a dedicated winter outdoorsman or in desperate need of fire in a survival situation, the knowledge of how to build a fire in the snow is a necessary survival skill. Very rarely do we put ourselves in a position where a fire is our only means of maintaining core body temperature. However, …

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Wildfire Safety

Evacuation Tips If advised to evacuate, do so immediately. Know your evacuation route ahead of time and prepare an evacuation checklist and emergency supplies. Wear protective clothing and footwear to protect yourself from flying sparks and ashes. Before You Leave, Prepare Your House Remove combustibles, including firewood, yard waste, barbecue grill, and fuel cans from …

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