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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Do you believe in zombies? Are you prepared for their arrival? Even if you don’t believe in the zombie apocalypse, it is well worth it to be prepared for any disaster.

Don’t get caught off-guard! Learn how to prepare against a zombie apocalypse.

Packing a proper survival bag, picking a weapon, and traveling alone or with a buddy are all essentials to being prepared.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Survival Supplies

When learning how to survive a zombie apocalypse having the right supplies to defend yourself against a zombie apocalypse is essential. A pack can only handle so much, so choosing your zombie survival gear carefully is a must.

In order to be prepared, let’s break down the supplies into each of the necessary categories.


As the zombies close in, being on the move is a good idea. While surviving a zombie apocalypse, finding food can be a challenge.

Packing lightweight food is great for short trips. Foods like granola bars, peanut butter crackers, and trail mix, which are high in protein, will keep you full without weighing down your pack.

When learning how to survive a zombie apocalypse, some other ways to prepare your food stock is to prep food stashes. Food stashes are places around a house or town with bags or boxes of non-perishable foods.

Some foods for food stashes are MREs (meals ready to eat), canned foods, and dried foods.


Water is an essential part of life. However, water sources can be difficult to come by when you are surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Add jugs of water to your food stashes. These jugs of water can act as an emergency stock of water.

Another great tool for water consumption is this filtered straw. The filtered straw allows you to drink any water and filters out all the contaminants. This is great for any survivalist. It is also lightweight and easily carried in a backpack.

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter Straw for Hiking, Backpacking, and Travel, Blue

Want to make sure to have some water on you at all times? Try the filter water bottle. Gather water from any stream, pond, or puddle, and the straw in the bottle will filter it.

Navigation Tools

When learning how to survive a zombie apocalypse, it is important to know where you are going when running from the undead. In order to be prepared while surviving the zombie apocalypse, it is important to have the right navigation tools.

The zombies will likely take down our communication and internet connections. This means that our handy GPS and phone navigation systems are not an option during the zombie apocalypse.

One option is to go old school. Pulling out a map and a compass is a practical option for prepared navigation while surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Knowing how to read a map can be tricky if you aren’t used to it. It is definitely recommended to practice navigating with a map. Take it out for a spin in the car and drive places using the map instead of the GPS.

Buy a map of local parks as well as roads and highways. You never know when your adventures will take you deep into the woods.

As you navigate the forest, it doesn’t hurt to have a map of the trails and shelters of the local parks.

Navigating by the Stars

Another method for navigation is the stars and constellations. Sometimes it is safer to travel at night. Using the stars and constellations as your guide will keep you on your path.

Learn the basics of how to navigate using the stars.

Shelter Resources

Finding shelter can be one of the hardest parts of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Have no fear, here are some ideas!

Simple Can Be the Best

In your pack, all that’s needed is a tarp. With a tarp, there are a number of shelters that can be constructed.

Throwing a tarp over a tree makes an instant tent which is a great shelter in a hurry.

If there is room in the zombie preparedness pack, store some collapsable poles as well. The tarp and poles will make a tent with a little bit of setup time.

The tent will take up a little bit more of your space in your backpack and may weigh it down. But if you have room or a buddy system, this is an option.

When learning how to survive a zombie apocalypse, having shelter locations throughout town is a way to be prepared to the max. Some zombie survivalists even have underground bunkers built like a fortress.

Any shelter will do. It can be a tent in the survival bag. Or a shed out in the woods.

Even a tree house (hopefully zombies can’t climb!) or a building you know you can access in an emergency will do during a crisis.

Choosing a Shelter

When choosing your shelter, there are some factors to consider.

  • Multiple methods of escape. If the zombies come, it’s important to be able to leave the shelter without getting caught by the undead.
  • Temperature controlled. Shelters that are comfortable in their temperatures will help make surviving the zombie apocalypse more pleasant.

Finding places near creeks to keep the tent cool. Or buildings that have fireplaces to keep warm are a must.

Guard Resources

  • Keep the survival bags close to your shelters. When it is time to restock the survival backpack, it’s a good idea to keep the backup survival bags where you are already headed.
  • Water. Water. Water. Stock as much water as you can at your shelter. This can be a matter of life and death during a zombie apocalypse.
  • Food. Same as water. No one knows how long a zombie apocalypse will last. Better to over prepare than under prepare.
  • Weapons. Defense is key to surviving the monsters infesting our once-peaceful world. Stocking extra weapons, especially heavier ones that are harder to travel with, can be helpful.

Survival Weapons

In zombie preparedness, picking a weapon can be one of the hardest decisions.

There are multiple weapon choices that are effective against zombies.


A knife is a versatile weapon. It is not only one of the most effective weapons against zombies (who can only be killed by striking the head) but also a great tool.

Survival Knife

A knife is helpful for making fires by striking it against rocks or flint. It helps to cut bandages, ropes, and various other objects.


A firearm is an effective choice of weapon against a zombie. It will also keep the distance between the zombie and anyone trying to survive.

There are some disadvantages to a firearm. Ammo. It is hard to keep a big supply of ammo available when fighting the zombie hoard. Preparing enough ammo for the amount of undead you will encounter can be hard to gauge.

Ammo can be stock-piled at the shelters around town and in the woods. But carrying ammo is heavy and will weigh down anyone running.

Bow and arrow

If versed in the ancient sport, a bow, and arrows might be the right choice. This silent weapon will make sure not to alert any fellow zombies of your presence.

The same disadvantage remains of the arrow supply issue.

Tactical shovel

A tactical shovel is a multi-purpose tool used in a variety of settings. It is a fierce weapon that can chop down any undead monster in its path.

Tactical Shovel

The tactical shovel can also dig trenches, shovel snow, and saw wood. The tactical shovel usually also comes with other neat survival gadgets attached to them.

No matter what weapon is chosen, practicing with it before the zombies invade is always a good idea. It is better to be prepared with the skills of combat than not know how to use the weapon and be attacked.

Buddy or No Buddy?

Running and hiding from the undead can be a lot of pressure. Do you take a buddy with you? Or go it alone?

Let’s look at the advantages of both options.

Taking a Buddy

There are several advantages to a buddy when surviving the zombie apocalypse. Having a friend can help make the chances of surviving the zombies better.

A buddy will help share the load of supplies when on the move. Sharing supplies will help lighten the burden so that neither person gets as tired on the journey from shelter to shelter.

This will also help make sure that there are more emergency supplies available at any given time.

Zombies attack day or night. Buddies can take shifts keeping watch so that everyone can get much-needed rest.

If someone gets injured, a buddy will help to clean wounds, get the other person to safety, and run for supplies.

When choosing a buddy, try to find someone with diverse skills. If you are good at navigating and camping, try to find someone who is good at hunting and fishing.

Finding someone who compliments you will strengthen your chances at surviving the apocalypse. If they are good at fighting, that is definitely a plus!

Going it Alone

Sometimes going the path alone is the best option during trying times. While being hunted, making a smaller target is the best option.

Traveling alone allows you to travel faster rather than with a buddy.

If you are alone, you don’t have to share your resources with anyone else. This will help to stretch your resources so that your survival time lasts longer.

Sometimes not having a buddy is better, so there isn’t another life to defend. Defending only one person from a swarm can be easier than multiple.

Going it alone is definitely an option to consider. It does call for more preparedness and planning.

Be Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse

When zombies are swarming, it is best to have a plan already in place on how to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Packing a survival backpack full of all the essentials is key. Things like food, a water source, a navigation system, and a weapon are all smart options.

Having shelter options to hide and store backup supplies in will help to outlast the undead’s infestation.

And choosing whether or not to have a buddy can help determine whether you make it or break it during the end of the world.

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