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Woman adding water to food pouch

The 9 Best Survival Food Companies

Thanks to the war in Ukraine the world is facing serious food production consequences. Russia is the number one exporter of nitrogen fertilizers and the second-largest supplier of phosphoric and potassic fertilizers. Farmers are bracing for a very tough growing season and the head of the UN World Food Programs has said this is the worst …

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Man hunting with rifle

Best Survival Rifle

When you say the word survival you are evoking a lot of different scenarios. You could be talking about urban survival, wilderness survival or just employing simple survival methods in your everyday life. The best survival rifle has to meet the needs of that survival scenario, too. So, we have taken a variety of survival …

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survival kit

Camping Survival Kit

A small and simple kit can meet all your camping survival needs. A camping trip can turn into a survival situation for a number of reasons. You could get lost, hurt, or fall into a cold stream and all of these situations could require a camping survival kit. You may have parts and pieces of …

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archer shooting with a bow

Choosing The Best Survival Bow

From the beginning of time, hunting and self-defense have been among the most basic of practices and instincts. In modern times, guns have become the primary weapons used for these types of things. However, for thousands of years and even today, bows and arrows were the weapons of choice all over the world. Bows have …

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small fishing kit

Survival Fishing Kit

In a survival scenario, it’s critical that you have access to a steady food source. Although you may have a certain amount of dry food stored away in your survival food kit, supplies only last for so long. A survival fishing kit is one of the most important survival tools to have on hand, as …

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