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British Imperial System

British Imperial System

The British Imperial System, a system of measurement that once ruled the world, has a rich history and a significant influence on global trade, culture, and language. Today, we’ll explore the origins of this system, its impact on commerce and culture, and the reasons behind its decline. History of the British Imperial System Origins and …

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survival kit

Camping Survival Kit

A small and simple kit can meet all your camping survival needs. A camping trip can turn into a survival situation for a number of reasons. You could get lost, hurt, or fall into a cold stream and all of these situations could require a camping survival kit. You may have parts and pieces of …

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Man cutting wood with a knife

Wilderness Survival Gear

Thanks to lockdowns and the modern sedentary lifestyle, many people are longing for a great wilderness adventure. There are also concerns about the world and the economy and many are wondering what it would look like to bug out to the wilderness. Do you have the right skills and wilderness survival gear to pull any …

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