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Best Composting Toilet for Off Grid Living: Our Top 5 Choices

The world will never forget the year 2020 because of the pandemic and the radical changes to our world. The lockdowns and the disruption of our entire global system. 2020 also gave the alternative living communities a serious push.

Suddenly people could live in an RV, a boat, a converted school bus, or whatever else as long as they could work their hustle, appear virtually at work or even work online exclusively.

best composting toilet for off grid living

These types of homes are lacking one thing that Americans have long come accustomed to. That is a modern plumbing. So, they often turn to composting toilets for off grid living to deal with human waste.

Composting toilets are a great solution to the alternative home lifestyle. They are also a must have for off grid living in general. So, we are going to look at the best composting toilets for off grid living.

Why Use a Composting Toilet

The way that we do our “business” is kind of crazy when you think about it. We pump our human waste into the pristine waterways. That is crazy enough. In many cities across the nation, we drink from the same waterways that we dump our waste into!

Of course, that water is treated and made safe by an incredible system. I mean, that is provable. If the tap water of American cities was not safe there would not be American cities!

You can undo your effects on our precious water ways by using a composting toilet then that is certainly one motivation.

The best composting toilet for off grid living will give you the ability to live without a sewage line ported into your home. It allows you to forgo the headaches of a septic system, too.

If you wish to truly get off grid then that is another reason why you might use a composting toilet.

Types of Composting Toilets

There are two types to consider when we are talking about the best composting toilet for off grid living.

Self-Contained Composting Toilets

This type of composting toilet can be electric or not. The entire composting process is contained in these units. Self-contained composting toilets look like a normal toilet, but they are smaller.

These self-contained toilets can handle both liquid and solid waste. There is a small crank on the side of each toilet to start the composting process.

composting toilet for off grid living

These self-contained toilets are often installed in tiny homes. A self contained design might be the best composting toilet for off grid living in your situation if you have a very small space.

Central Composting Toilets

Central composting toilets can be a great option for those who would like a little more distance from the composting of their own human waste when they are using the bathroom. These toilets are actually 2-part units. The first portion is where you sit, and it looks much like a toilet.

The other part is below it, often in a basement, where the composting process takes place.

Central design might be the best composting toilet for off grid living if you have some more space to work with.

Important Considerations for Installing a The Best Composting Toilet for Off Grid Living

Long or Short Term?

Is this composting toilet going to be your long-term answer for dealing with your sanitation needs or will you be putting a septic system in? How you proceed will depend on the answer to this question.

The best composting toilet for off grid living can be for both short and long term use.


Do you have a bathroom location? Is that bathroom ready for composting toilet installation? The best composting toilet for off grid living is going to have a footprint that is less than 30 square inches. Some are even half that!

Composting toilet outhouse

Human Waste Disposal Methods

What are you going to do with the end result of using a compost toilet? Will you use it as humanure to grow food or will you dispose of this composted waste another way.

The best composting toilet for off grid living is going to make human waste disposal easier than you think.

Local Laws for Composting Toilets

It is very important for you to look into the local laws when it comes to composting toilets. Make sure you know all your options when it comes to things like disposal and if there are any restrictions to using these kinds of toilets.

Even the best composting toilet for off grid living might not be allowed in your area.

Best Composting Toilet for Off Grid Living

1. Sun Mar Excel

This option had to make the list of the best composting toilet for off grid living because it is one of the only models that has been rated by the NSF for continuous residential use. It is designed for a continuous use of 3 adults or a family of 5.

Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet, Model# Excel-NE

This unit weighs about 60lbs and can be fit in all kinds of small spaces.

This unit features a 2-inch vent that is designed to run out of the home. So, you can count on this unit being odorless. Like most composting toilets this unit requires no water inputs to work effectively.


  • NSF rated for continuous residential use
  • 2-inch ventilation
  • No water needed
  • Self-Contained Unit



Great for a Family

Clean and Odorless


Not designed for more than 3 adults to use

2. Separett Villa

This is a very interesting composting toilet that allows you to power it with electricity. While you might be thinking, ‘that is not off grid,’ it actually is because you can power it with AC/DC power. AC power is the type that comes from the grid. DC power is the type that is generated by solar power.

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC

So, you have an on grid and off grid composting toilet. The choice is yours.

You also get 20 feet of venting pipe with this toilet. The AC/DC adapters power a fan that pushes the odor out and away from this toilet. It’s DC and solar compatibility makes it a great option for the best composting toilet for off grid living.

Urine is separated out to a grey water system and solid waste is captured.

While this is a composting toilet the Separett Villa is designed to use compostable internal bags. These bags are to be changed around every 3 weeks. The bags themselves can be composted or they can be incinerated, depending on your plan.


  • Solar power compatible
  • 20 feet of ventilation to battle odor
  • Urine is fed to a grey water system


Three Year Warranty on Fan

Urine Diversion Pieces are Included

Shipped at 34lbs


This unit will not compost solid waste completely

3. Natures Head

These toilets are manufactured in the United States. Nature’s Head toilets are waterless by design and divert urine to a separate holding container. This unit is 28lbs and can be installed easily and quickly. This toilet can also be vented so you can run any kind of smell out of your off-grid home or alternative living space.

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design

Nature’s head is producing a unit that could be the best composting toilet for off grid living. Its spider handle makes the toilet easy to use. All the hardware in this toilet is made of stainless steel. The entire toilet is made with robust construction and the highest quality materials.

This is a composting toilet of the highest quality, made here in America and designed to be very easy to use. The whole thing is then covered by a 5 year warranty


  • Spider handle can be mounted on either side
  • 5 year warranty
  • Completely self-contained
  • No need for liner of any kind


Easy Installation

Quick Disassembly for Cleaning

Stainless Steel Hardware


Short 5 ft Vent Hose

4. OGO Compost Toilet

This is a wild looking composting toilet that looks more like a kind of trash can then an actual toilet. I really like the visual design of this unit. It could be that it just looks very different.

OGO™ Compost Toilet Self Contained Waterless for RVs, Vanlife, Skoolies, and Tiny Homes with Electric Agitator, Separating Urine Trap Door, and Liquid Level Indicator Proudly USA Made

This toilet features an automatic agitator that is electrically powered. That does not mean it cannot be off grid, but you will need to be generating electricity of some kind. It could be as simple as solar power.

The OGO composting toilet uses that power to enhance the experience for the user. You will also get a red liquid level light that will blink on when your urine bottle is full. That is an easy reminder that you should empty it and avoid overflow.

You can get about 25-30 uses from the solid waste bin. The urine container is 2.4 gallons. This is a comfortable and effective toilet with a footprint around 16″ in total! With all of these benefits it is easy to understand why the OGO is a candidate for best composting toilet for off grid living.


  • Trapdoor mechanism for easily switching between liquid and solid waste
  • Sleek modern design and tight footprint
  • Liquid level indicator


Modern Design

Electric Agitator

Made in USA


Smaller Seat

5. Think Tank

The think tank composting toilet is designed to address some of the issues that have long existed with composting toilets. A big complaint about dry toilets is that most are hard or impossible for a man to stand up and urinate. Think Tank has solved that.

Thinktank Composting Toilet

This composting toilet weighs 40lbs and takes up a little over 20 square inches of space. This toilet is also made of incredibly durable construction.

The feature that makes this potentially the best composting toilet for off grid living is the powerful air intake and exhaust fans. This is how the unit can remain airtight and how there can be virtually no smell. This design also assures that surrounding fans do not affect the smell in your home either. It even prevents insect from gathering.

The solid waste opening is HUGE and has vertical sides so cleaning this toilet tends to be much easier because of this design. This toilet is very effective and improves upon a ton of standards of the composting toilet.


  • Fresh air intake and exhaust fans
  • Compostable liners for cleaning
  • Men can stand up and use this toilet
  • Airtight design


Durable Constructions

Improved Design Over Compost Toilet Standards

6 Year Warranty


Fan Requires a Power Source

Best Composting Toilet for Off Grid Living FAQs

Can you use toilet paper?

Yes, you can use toilet paper. The best kind to use is the type that is rated for marine and RV use. This type breaks down better than most.

Does it smell terrible?

The best composting toilet for off grid living should not smell at all. If they are properly maintained there should be no smell. Smell is an indication that something is being done wrong.

Do you still need septic?

If you have a composting toilet there is no need to have a septic system. You could dump your composted contents into a septic system but then you are going to have to upkeep that system.

Wrapping Up the Best Composting Toilet for Off Grid Living

For the average American, living off grid is a big step. Disconnecting from the power grid, and even disconnecting from high-speed internet is enough to make someone go into panic mode. Now, when you consider composting your own waste, well, that is a whole new ballgame. Operating the best composting toilet for off grid living is a long stretch. However, things have reached a point where off grid living is becoming very desirable amongst the American population.

These composting toilets could also be a solution for things like glamping, RVing, or use on a larger boat. Adventure culture is also growing steadily and is a multibillion-dollar industry. The best composting toilet for off grid living is going to fit in your space, work the way you want it too.

For more information on other types of off-grid toilets, check out 6 Off Grid Toilet Options for Survivalists.