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Land Navigation

Land Navigation: Essential Techniques for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Land navigation is an essential skill for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and military personnel alike. It involves the ability to determine one’s position, plan a route, and successfully navigate through an unfamiliar environment using various tools and techniques. In today’s technology-driven world, where GPS devices are readily available, understanding the basics of land navigation can still …

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A compass is a magnetized needle that, when allowed to move freely, points in one direction, and that is Magnetic North. This needle gives you a reference point for measuring all other directions. All compasses do essentially the same thing, but more expensive models offer more features that make them easier to use. One convenient feature …

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On a sunny day, you can use a non-digital watch as a compass. Hold your watch with the flat bottom parallel to the ground. Turn it, while keeping it parallel, until the hour hand is pointing in the direction of the sun. If it’s morning, you’ll find south about halfway between the hour hand and …

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