Trucker’s Hitch

The Trucker’s Hitch (also called the Lorry Knot) is a self binding knot. It’s most common use is for tying loads to secure them to a fixed point. For example to secure a canoe to a car top, a tarp to a trailer, or any application where a very tight rope is needed. This knot has many advantages. It is non-jamming, can be tied anywhere in the standing part of a line, and even under the most severe tension, these knots remain easy to untie.

To Tie a Trucker’s Hitch:

You must first tie a quick release loop above the tie-down point. To do this, create a small bight with the running end, leaving plenty of tag to work with.
Trucker's Hitch 1
When this is complete, pass the running end around or through the tie-down point then pass it through the quick release loop.
Trucker's Hitch 2
Pull down on the running end to tighten.
Trucker's Hitch 3
Secure the knot with two half-hitches.Trucker's Hitch 4
Pull tight.
Trucker's Hitch 5