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Triple Palomar Knot

The Triple Palomar Knot is recommended for tying the latest hi-tech, so-called super lines to metal rings and hooks. It is strong, highly slip-resistant and can be tied in fairly heavy lines.

To Tie a Triple Palomar Knot:

Pass the end of a long bight or loop through the eye of the hook to create a loop.Triple Palomar Knot 1
Repeat the process twice more.Triple Palomar Knot 2
Tighten the trio of loops just formed around the eye and then tie a half-knot with the end of the bight and the standing part of the line.Triple Palomar Knot 3
Pass the hook through the bight (or the bight over the hook).Triple Palomar Knot 4
Then tighten the knot so that the bight rides over the knot and ends up around the standing part of the line. Tighten and trim the tag end.Triple Palomar Knot 5