Strangle Knot

The Strangle Knot, also known as a Double Marlin Hitch, has many applications. It may be used as an emergency whipping, or in place of the Miller’s Knot. In the Strangle Knot, the important point is to cross the second turn over the first and to pull the end under both turns.

To Tie a Strangle Knot:

Pass the working end over the top and around the object to be fastened to. Leave a gap between the line and that object.Strangle Knot 1
Pass the working end back over and behind the object to be fastened to.Strangle Knot 2
Bring the working end in front of the standing part. Then pass the working end underneath the standing part.Strangle Knot 3
Fair the knot with even pressure on both the standing part and working end.Strangle Knot 4
Strangle Knot 5