Square Knot

The Square Knot, also known as the Double Knot or Reef Knot is a simple, handy knot for temporary ties. It is most often used to joint two similar sized ropes / lines together so they will not slip. It tightens under strain but can be untied by grasping the ends of the two bights and pulling the knot apart. This knot is also used for tying bandages, as it lies flat. The Square Knot has limitations. It is not suitable for any application where it will take high strain.

To Tie a Square Knot:

Start with the two ends opposite each otherSquare Knot 1
Cross the left end over the rightSquare Knot 2
Flip the left end under the right one to make a single knotSquare Knot 3
Next, take the left end again and cross it over the right endSquare Knot 4
Make a simple knot in the opposite direction to step 2 and 3Square Knot 5
Pull the ends to secure the knotSquare Knot 6
You can adjust to make it tight or loose. To undo, just pull at the knot, with one hand on each side of the knotSquare Knot 7