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Snaked Whipping

This decorative and highly effective whipping is more suited to large diameter ropes; it can prove difficult to tie on thinner ropes. It is important with all whipping, and especially snaked whipping, to make sure that each turn is pulled as tight as possible.

Also, to make the snaking less likely to slip, as you pass the needle under the whipping, pick up a few fibers of the rope itself. the decorative appearance of this whipping makes it ideal for ropes that are left out on show or on board.

Steps to Snaked Whipping :

Start in the same way as the Palm-And Needle Whipping. To ensure the knotted end of the twine is held securely, push the needle through the center of a strand.Snaked Whipping 1
Make the required number of turns away from the rope end and then push the needle through the rope, keeping the turns tight.Snaked Whipping 2
Create the snaked pattern using the two end strands of the whipping to secure the diagonal crosses.Snaked Whipping 3
To finish, knot the twine with Two Half Hitches, push the hitches under the whipping, and trim the loose ends.Snaked Whipping 4