Snake Knot

The Chinese Snake Knot can be used in almost any type of knot tying project, it’s very secure and looks great. While often tricky to learn, once you have the knack of it, it’s very simple to do.

To Tie a Snake Knot:

With line 2 , make a loop around line 1 , going under and then around over the top and down.Snake Knot 1
Loop line 1 around line 2 , and bring it down under itself, through the line 2 loop.Snake Knot 2
Tighten both loops.Snake Knot 3
Bring line 2 under line 1 , around the top of the knot, and through the line 1 loop. You will have to loosen the line 1 loop slightly.Snake Knot 4
Tighten the line 2 loop. You will now have two loops from line 2 going into the knot.Snake Knot 5
Turn your work over so that line 1 is now on the top. Bring line 1 under line 2 , around and down through the second line 2 loop.Snake Knot 6
Tighten the knot.Snake Knot 7
Continue turning your knot over and bringing the line on the right under the line on the left, around and down through the bottom loop.Snake Knot 8