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The Sheepshank can be used to shorten any rope to any required length without cutting. It is easy to tie, holds under tension with good jamming action, does not change its shape, and unties easily. In an emergency a Sheepshank can be used to shorten a damaged line or rope, take care to ensure that the damaged or weakened section of the rope passes through both half hitches.

To Tie a Sheepshank:

Form three loops at the point in the rope where the shortening will be required. Pull the indicated points of the middle loop through the two outer loops.Sheepshank 1
Slowly pull on the two main parts of the rope, making sure that the knot retains its shape and form.Sheepshank 2
Tighten the knot into its final form. This knot is very adjustable, but always make sure that the two loops at the end of the knot are of similar proportion.Sheepshank 3
If the knot is used to take up a piece of damaged rope, the damaged area must be positioned in the center of the knot to avoid subjecting it to any strain.Sheepshank 4

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