Perfection Loop

This knot creates a very strong and reliable end loop; leaders and tippets can be easily attached to it.

To Tie a Perfection Loop:

Create a loop near the end of the line, like shown, then hold that loop in position.Perfection Loop 1
Bring the tag end back over to form a second loop. The tag end should now be positioned behind the standing part.Perfection Loop 2
Bring the tag end back up and position it between the two loops, like shown.Perfection Loop 3
Grasp the front loop, form it into a narrower loop, and then push it through the rear loop.Perfection Loop 4
Pull the loop through as far as possible. You can still adjust the size of the loop at this stage, if desired.Perfection Loop 5
Hold the loop and pull the standing part, drawing the knot tight and enabling it to seat correctly. Trim the tag end.Perfection Loop 6