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How To Tie The Perfection Loop Knot

The Perfection Loop is one of the favored ways to tie a loop at the final point of a fishing line. This loop is not only reliably strong, if desired, one can craft it into a smaller loop.

One of 12 major knots used for fishing, it is pretty easy to master once you learn the trick to tying it. This article is going to be a short tutorial on how to tie a Perfection Loop as well as photos to use as an example. So let’s sit back and learn how we can improve our fishing game and learn the basics of tying a Perfection Loop. Here we go! 

“The perfect knot for all occasions.” This is what fishermen say about the perfection loop knot when they are out on the water. It is often called the angler’s knot, and it can be used for many purposes. This article will show you how to tie this useful knot that has various uses!

This simple knot has many different uses and it’s easy to learn how to do. It will take you about ten minutes of practice before mastering this handy perfection loop knot!

A step-by-step guide for tying a perfection loop knot.

How to Tie a Perfection LoopKnot

This section is going to show you step-by-step, in a few short steps, how to tie the perfect “Perfection Loop”. 

Step 1:  Start at the end point of the line or string. 

Perfection Loop 1

Step 2: Form the shape of a loop by running the tag end along the backside of the straight line. 

Perfection Loop 2

Step 3: Now, turn the standing line around, and make another loop. 

Perfection Loop 3

Step 4: Maintaining this position, make one more turn around the standing line. As you do it, cross over the top of the new loop. 

Perfection Loop 4

Step 5: Securing the tag end, thread the second loop through the first loop. 

Perfection Loop 5

Step 6:  Now pull the second loop gently so that the entire knot tightens. 

Perfection Loop 6

Step 7:  Using scissors neatly trim the ends of the tag. 

For a more in-depth tutorial on how to tie the Perfection Loop, make sure to check out our video!

Tips on Tying the Perfection Loop

  • If you want to attach a mono leader to a braided line it is advisable to utilize the Surgeon’s loop knot. Using the Perfection loop on the mono leader and the Surgeon’s loop knot on the mono leader. 
  • The Perfection loop is at a greater level of effectiveness than the much easier bowline knot. 
  • Efficient on either bulky or light-weight fluorocarbon and mono lines. 
  • It may be easier to tie a Surgeon’s knot, but it’s style is much more cumbersome. 
  • The Perfection loop is ideal if you are constructing leaders you want to have clipped onto a swivel. 
  • The perfection loop connects a streamer effectively to a tippet end. This permits the uncomplicated shifting of the streamer. 

Variations on Tying the Perfection Loop 

Some variations or alternate methods of tying a perfection loop include the following: 

  • The Bimini twist: This alternative is designed as an authoritative loop. It operates from the end of the fishing line. Similar to that of a double-line leader. The Bimini twist loop can also be subsequently used as a connection that is loop to loop. 
  • The Dropper loop: This is a loop that aids in the creation of various bait rings on your fishing line for storing hooks. 
  • Figure 8 loop: A much more cumbersome knot and is more satisfactory to use when climbing. 
  • Rapala knot: Makes a precise network from the line to the lure without a requirement for a connection that is loop to loop. 
  • Nail knot: This is for someone who isn’t really fond of loops. They can choose to join their fishing lines together through various diameters. 

Advantages of the Perfection Loop

Creating a loop of stability is one of the advantages of the Perfection Loop Knot. 

Of all the knots that devise an end of the line fixed loop, the perfection loop belongs in a class of many. Yet, this knot is much more established than the others. Other loops, capable of carrying bulky cargo, might untie. It is so easy to create this guarded loop, making the Perfection loop ideal for camping, survival, and fishing positions. 

Other advantages to the Perfection loop include: 

  • Once loop is drawn taut it is rather slim; 
  • Remains secure in either salt or freshwater; 
  • Permits the convenience of changing leader rapidly through connections that are loop to loop; 
  • Can be tied simply with the hands 
  • Size is modifiable; can create a micro-loop an alternative 
  • One of the rare knots/loops that grips sufficiently on a bungee cord;
  • A dependable loop in conditions that are slippery; 
  • Works well with more fragile line 

Disadvantages of the Perfection Loop 

We couldn’t find too many disadvantages of the Perfection loop–hence, its name “Perfection”. However, we did find a couple of downfalls, such as: 

  • Tends to bind awkwardly; 
  • Not advisable to use in situations that may require untying 

About the Perfection Loop Knot and It’s History

The perfection loop is also called the “angler’s loop”. It is a form of knot that is actually shaped like a fixed loop.  If you have fishing line that is slippery or really fine, you fine this loop useful. The perfection loop is one of the rare loop knots that can efficiently be held in a bungee cord. It does have a tendency to easily become jammed. Therefore, it is advisable not to use the perfection loop if you are going to have to untie it. 

This knot forms a permanent loop in the end of a rope. It performs well on a slick line and even bungee cord. However, it jams easily and is difficult, if not impossible to untie. The perfection loop is most commonly used by anglers. Fly fishermen prefer it because it allows for lifelike movement when used with certain lures. 

The perfection loop knot is just one of many knots which creates a fixed loop at the end of a line. However, it’s more fixed than other knots, which may untie even after carrying a load. Because it’s so simple to tie, it’s a fast way to make a very secure loop, which has applications for fishing, camping, and survival situations.

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When to Use a Perfection Loop Knot

When you want a reliable permanent loop at the end of a line that allows free movement of lures, or when you want to loop join multiple lines.  

For Fishing

The perfection loop knot is most commonly used by fishermen. It can be used to tie up nets, ties lures and hooks together, or even attach pieces of fishing gear.

For Survival

In survival situations, you need to know your knots will hold. The perfection loop knot doesn’t slip, even on fine and slippery lines.  You can use it as a carrying handle for a load or as a quick lanyard for important gear that you don’t want to risk losing. The permanence of this knot sets it apart from other fixed loop knots. Once tied, it will stay put. 

While Camping

Ropes with loops at the end have infinite uses while camping, if you don’t mind having dedicated lines with permanent loops at the end of them. It’s perfect tor setting stakes, establishing shelters, or even hanging hammock. Even smaller jobs around the campsite, like hanging a solar shower or establishing a cooking area, you can organize yourself and create systems by using lines with perfection loops. 

It’s a popular knot to use while fly-fishing. When you use a nymph or streamer with a perfection loop, their movements are more lifelike in the water.  

With Other Knots

The perfection loop knot doesn’t use other knots in its formation, instead, it uses two simple loops threaded through each other. When joining two lines together with loops, the perfection loop is strong and secure.

Around the House

When you’re moving loads or tying up outdoor gear around the house, a perfection loop is an easy way to hook a line to a carabiner, hang holiday decorations, or secure a load to the rack of a car. Around the garden, use the it to stake down lines for transplanted trees and tomato plants. Even after exposure to the elements, the perfection loop knot won’t degrade or slip.


After some rehearsal runs, tying this knot, you will discover it is one of the most expeditious of the loop knots. This common loop knot is used by fly fishermen. Therefore, in order to catch those big steelhead and trout fish, you need to learn how to tie them perfectly. 

A recommendable line to use for the Perfection Loop is the RIO Powerflex Plus Leader. After only 10 minutes, you will have the Perfection Loop mastered and be fishing like a pro!

Although, the perfection loop behaves great when on a bungee cord or slick line, it may easily become stuck. Making it appear to be almost impossible to get it untied. Anglers are those using the Perfection Loop most often. The lifelike motion it permits is why fly fisherman chooses this loop in combination with their selected lures. 

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The Bowline Knot-Even once it’s finished bearing a load, it is a fixed loop that is rapid to tie.  

Surgeon’s Loop This loop is durable, yet bulky. It is a fixed loop with a double-strand, found at the line’s conclusion. 

Overhand Knot- This loop is an easy knot that can be completed over hand, at any part of the fishing line. Bimini Twist This is a durable, yet arduous loop, fixed at the fishing line’s edge.