Perfection Loop

A step-by-step guide for tying a perfection loop knot.

How to Tie a Perfection Loop

Step 1: Form a loop with the working end of the line. 

Step 2: Form a second loop behind the first one, with the working end between the two loops.

Step 3: Pass the second loop over the working end and through the first loop.  

Step 4: Pull on the tag and the second loop to tighten. 

About the Perfection Loop

This knot forms a permanent loop in the end of a rope. It performs well on a slick line and even bungee cord. However, it jams easily and is difficult, if not impossible to untie. The perfection loop is most commonly used by anglers. Fly fishermen prefer the perfection loop because it allows for lifelike movement when used with certain lures. 

The perfection loop is just one of many knots which creates a fixed loop at the end of a line. However, it’s more fixed than other knots, which may untie even after carrying a load. Because it’s so simple to tie, it’s a fast way to make a very secure loop, which has applications for fishing, camping, and survival situations.

Related Knots

Bowline knot: a fast tying fixed loop that will untie even after carrying a load. 

Surgeon’s loop: a double strand fixed loop at the end of the line, it’s strong but bulky. 

Overhand loop: a simple overhand knot to create a loop at any point in a line. 

Bimini twist: a strong but complicated fixed loop at the end of the line.  

When to Use a Perfection Loop

When you want a reliable permanent loop at the end of a line that allows free movement of lures, or when you want to loop join multiple lines.  

For Survival

In survival situations, you need to know your knots will hold. The perfection loop doesn’t slip, even on fine and slippery lines.  You can use it as a carrying handle for a load or as a quick lanyard for important gear that you don’t want to risk losing. The permanence of the perfection loop sets it apart from other fixed loop knots. Once tied, it will stay put. 

While Camping

Ropes with loops at the end have infinite uses while camping, if you don’t mind having dedicated lines with permanent loops at the end of them. For setting stakes, establishing shelters, or even hanging hammock, throw a perfection loop into the line. Even smaller jobs around the campsite, like hanging a solar shower or establishing a cooking area, you can organize yourself and create systems by using lines with perfection loops. 

It’s a popular knot to use while fly-fishing. When you use a nymph or streamer with a perfection loop, their movements are more lifelike in the water.  

With Other Knots

The perfection loop doesn’t use other knots in its formation, instead, it uses two simple loops threaded through each other. When joining two lines together with loops, the perfection loop is strong and secure.

Around the House

When you’re moving loads or tying up outdoor gear around the house, a perfection loop is an easy way to hook a line to a carabiner, hang holiday decorations, or secure a load to the rack of a car. Around the garden, use the perfection loop to stake down lines for transplanted trees and tomato plants. Even after exposure to the elements, the perfection loop won’t degrade or slip.