Oysterman’s Stopper Knot

The Oysterman’s Stopper Knot, or Ashley’s Stopper Knot, is simple to tie, it is strong and bulky, and has a handsome threefold symmetry when looked from the underside. This knot creates a flat triangular shape that is thicker than most other knob knots.

To Tie an Oysterman’s Stopper Knot:

Tie a Slip Noose, making a tuck through the loop.Oysterman's Stopper Knot 1
Tuck the working end through the noose.Oysterman's Stopper Knot 2
Pull the standing part to trap the running end with the loop.Oysterman's Stopper Knot 3
As you tighten the knot, you should get the finished Oysterman’s Stopper.Oysterman's Stopper Knot 4