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Knots are intertwined loops of rope, cord, string or other flexible material used to fasten two such ropes to one another, or to another object. Knowing how to tie knots is a useful skill. Different knots are used for different purposes. Everyone should learn how to tie a few basic knots.

This section gives an A to Z selection of some of the most common (and not so common) knots and their uses.

Adjustable BendEnglish KnotPerfection Loop
Adjustable HitchEnglishman’s BendPile Hitch
Adjustable Grip HitchEskimo BowlinePipe Lanyard Knot
Albright KnotFalconer’s KnotRapala Knot
Albright SpecialFarmer’s LoopReef Knot
Alpine Butterfly LoopFigure Eight KnotReeving Line Bend
Alpine CoilFigure Eight LoopRing Bend
Anchor BendFireman’s Chair KnotRing Hitch
Angler’s KnotFireman’s HitchRolling Hitch
Angler’s LoopFisherman’s BendRound Turn and Two Half Hitches
Arbor KnotFisherman’s KnotRunning Bowline
Ashley’s BendFlemish KnotSack Knot
Ashley’s Stopper KnotFranciscan Monks’ KnotSailor’s Knot
Australian BraidFrench PrusikSalmon Egg Loop
Australian PlaitGallows KnotSavoy Knot
Axle HitchGirth HitchScaffold Knot
Bag KnotGranny KnotSheepshank
Barrel HitchGrass KnotSheet Bend
Barrel KnotGray’s LoopSimple Hitch
Barrel SlingHalf HitchSimple Noose
Bimini TwistHalibut KnotSingle Hitch
Birmingham BowlineHangman’s KnotSingle Strand Diamond Knot
Blimp KnotHangman’s NooseSlipped Half Hitch
Blood KnotHarness KnotSnake Knot
Boatswain’s Whistle KnotHeaving Line KnotSnaked Whipping
Boiling KnotHighwayman’s HitchSnell Knot
Boom HitchHomer Rhode LoopSpider Hitch
Bosun’s Whistle KnotHonda KnotSquare Knot
BowlineIcicle HitchStrait Bend
Bowline on a BightJansik SpecialStrangle Knot
Bowstring KnotJar KnotSwivel Knot
Buffer LoopJosephine KnotSurgeon’s Knot
Buntline HitchJug Sling KnotTack Knot
Camel HitchKing Sling KnotTape Knot
Carrick BendKlemheist KnotTautline Hitch
Cairnton KnotKnife Lanyard KnotThief Knot
Cat’s PawLark’s HeadThree Part Crown Knot
Cinch KnotLigature KnotThumb Knot
Cleat HitchLoop KnotToggled Bend
Clinch KnotLorry KnotTransom Knot
Clove HitchLover’s KnotTrilene Knot
CoilingMachard KnotTriple Bowline
Common WippingMagner’s HitchTriple Crown Knot
Constrictor HitchMagnus HitchTriple Figure Eight
Cow HitchManrope KnotTriple Palomor Knot
Crawford KnotMarline HitchTruckers Hitch
Double BowlineMarlingspike Lanyard KnotTrue Lover’s Knot
Double Clinch KnotMidshipmans HitchTurle Knot
Double Fisherman’s KnotMiller’s KnotTwo Half Hitches
Double Grinner KnotMonkey’s FistTwo Strand Diamond Knot
Double KnotMooring HitchUni-Knot
Double Lineman’s LoopMultifold Overhand KnotUtility Loop
Double Marline HitchNail KnotVersatackle Knot
Double Overhand KnotNooseWagoner’s Hitch
Double Sheet BendOff-Shore Swivel KnotWater Knot
Double Surgeon’s KnotOverhand Follow-ThroughWaterman’s Knot
Double Surgeon’s LoopOverhand KnotWedge Knot
Double Wall and CrownOysterman’s Stopper KnotWoods Knot
Double Uni KnotPalm-And-Needle WhippingWorld’s Fair Knot
Dropper LoopPalomar KnotYosemite Bowline
Egg LoopPedigree Cow HitchZeppelin Bend