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King Sling Knot

This knot offers the angler an easy-to-tie end loop knot that is used primarily as a connection for crank baits. This knot allows the lure to work freely, making it more lifelike, and resulting in more strikes.

To Tie a King Sling Knot:

Insert tag end of the line through artificial bait so that it extends 8 to 10 inches.King Sling Knot 1
Hold the tag end and the standing line in your left hand, and form a loop.King Sling Knot 2
With the bait in your right hand make four turns around the tag end and the standing line above the loop.King Sling Knot 3
Bring the bait down and through the loop.King Sling Knot 4
To tighten, hold the line above the bait at desired loop length and pull the tag end and the standing line at the same time. Trim the tag end.King Sling Knot 5