Heaving Line Knot

The Heaving Line Knot, or Franciscan Monks’ Knot , is widely used by sailors, is tied at the end of a lighter line which in turn is attached to a heavier line. The lighter line is thrown first, usually from boat to shore, so the heavier line can then be drawn or heaved behind it.

To Tie a Heaving Line Knot:

Form a large loop in the working end of the rope.Heaving Line Knot 1
Take the working end over and back under the standing part and compress the loop.Heaving Line Knot 2
Make four turns with the working end around the standing part and the compressed loop.Heaving Line Knot 3
On the fourth turn take the working end down through the loop. Keep the already formed turns as tight as possible.Heaving Line Knot 4
Pull on the working end and the standing part to tighten the knot. As the knot is tightening, form the final knot shape.Heaving Line Knot 5