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Hangman’s Knot

The Hangman’s Knot or Noose is a knot often associated with it’s use in hanging. When the loop is pulled totally closed, this knot becomes a weight on the end of the rope that you can use for throwing. **This knot is NOT to be played with as it can result in injury or even death**

To Tie a Hangman’s Knot:

Lay the rope out in the shape of an “S”
Leave plenty of rope to work with at the ropes end.
Hangman's Knot 1
Wrap the end of the rope around and under the “S”. this will be your first “turn” or “coil”. (Each turn that you make or coil that you add will add more friction to the knot, which will make the noose harder to pull open or closed.Hangman's Knot 2
Keep wrapping the end of the rope tightly up the outside at least 6 more turns. When finished wrapping, there should be a loop at both ends.Hangman's Knot 3
When you are finished making turns, pass the end of the rope through the loop at the top.Hangman's Knot 4
To tighten and trap the tucked end of the rope, pull down on the bottom loop. (To untie, pull back of the top loop).Hangman's Knot 5

For a more in-depth tutorial on how to tie this knot, make sure to check out our video!