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How to Tie the Eskimo Bowline Knot

The Eskimo bowline is a knot that places a loop at the end of a rope, and it’s a lot better knot to use most of the time than the original bowline.

The standard bowline knot loops the working end around the standing part, but the Eskimo bowline loops it around its own descending part, so it cinches around itself and creates a knot that can’t be untied easily.

This knot is quick and easy to tie, more secure, and may be used in situations where the regular knot would shake loose and spill.

To Tie an Eskimo Bowline:

Begin as if for an Overhand Knot, but then interweave the working end over-under-over.Eskimo Bowline 1
Pull on the two knot parts indicated to transform the knot like shown when a sort of bowline-on-it’s-side results.Eskimo Bowline 2
Tighten it and a compact tricorn button knot appears.Eskimo Bowline 3

For a more in-depth tutorial, tying tips, and additional information on the alpine knot, check out our video!