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Cleat Knot

The Cleat Knot, or Cleat Hitch is used to attach a rope to a cleat. A Cleat Knot is unlikely to loosen up but can be undone quickly if you need them to. This knot is most frequently used to secure a boat to a dock. It is also used for fastening halyards, dinghy bow lines, out hauls and down hauls.

To Tie a Cleat Knot:

Make a loop around the cleat making sure to go under the horn of the cleat furthest from the load first.Cleat Knot Step 1
Once the loop around the cleat is done, cross over the top of the cleat and under the horn that you first went under.Cleat Knot Step 2
(In the opposite direction) Complete the hitch by making an underhand loop and hooking it on the second horn and pulling the hitch taught.Cleat Knot Step 3

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