Bimini Twist

This knot creates a loop that will give 100 percent knot strength. It is tied at the tag end of the line to form a main connection that other line or tackle can be secured to. It may take a little time to perfect, but once mastered, it provides on of the most secure loops possible.

To Tie a Bimini Twist:

Double the line back against the standing part. Depending on the numbers of turns used, this knot will require a long length of line,Bimini Twist Knot Step 1
The first stage of this knot is best tied around a solid object. Take the line around the object and create the first turn, as shown.Bimini Twist Knot Step 2
Depending on the line you’re using, make between 8 and 20 turns. Fifteen turns are recommended for regular monofilament.Bimini Twist Knot Step 3
It is very important to keep pressure on both the standing part and the tag end, to keep the turns as tight as possible.Bimini Twist Knot Step 4
Make approximately the same number of turns back over the original turns in the direction of the solid object.Bimini Twist Knot Step 5
At this point, remove the loop from the solid object, and create a holding knot with the tag end.Bimini Twist Knot Step 6
Still keeping pressure on the standing part and the loop, tighten the holding knot and bring the tag end out.Bimini Twist Knot Step 7
Holding the knot in the position shown, make a turn around the narrowed loop with the tag end.Bimini Twist Knot Step 8
Make four or five turns, and then pull slowly on the tag end to seat this series of turns back against the original turns.Bimini Twist Knot Step 9
With the second series of turns seated correctly, hold the loop and pull the standing part to finalize the knot. Trim the tag end.Bimini Twist Knot Step 10