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Angler’s Loop (for bungy cord)

This knot was originally used to form an eye in fishing line. Modern synthetic fiber – too slick for the knot to hold – made it obsolete, but the Angler’s Loop has new life in another modern material: bungy cord. It seems that Bowlines and other Loop Knots crawl out of bungy under load or come undone when the load is off. But the Angler’s Loop just hangs in there. A case of an old knot finding a new home.

To Tie an Angler’s Loop:

Make a long, counterclockwise loop, end behind standing part.Anglers Loop Step 1
Bring the end up towards you and make a round turn around the loop.Anglers Loop Step 2
Pass the 1st part of the turn over the 2nd part and down through the eye of the loop.Anglers Loop Step 3
To draw up, pull on the eye and the standing part, then on the end.Anglers Loop Step 4
You have the finished knot.Anglers Loop Step 5