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How to Tie the Adjustable Bend Knot

Knot tying is essential survival knowledge that every prepper should Learn. Knowing how to tie the correct knot for any situation can save lives.

Keep reading to learn how to tie an adjustable bend knot in this brief guide.

How to Tie an Adjustable Bend Knot

What Is an Adjustable Bend Knot?

The adjustable bend knot is a handy knot you need to know in any survival situation. Once you master it, you will find ways to use this simple knot in daily life.

A bend knot is used to tie two ropes together, while an adjustable bend knot allows you to alter the overall length of the joined ropes. You can also fashion a singular rope into an adjustable loop using this type of knot.

This knot is based on the rolling hitch, one of the primary knots that all survivalists must learn. It is quite valuable for crafting and everyday situations due to being straightforward and easy to learn.

How to Tie an Adjustable Bend Knot

If you are new to tying knots, there are a few terms you need to know before getting started. Check out the following image to ensure you understand how to identify a bitter end, standing part, loop, and bight.

Parts of an Adjustable Bend Knot

Step 1: Create a Loop

Form an underhand loop where the bitter end runs underneath the standing part of your working rope. Make this loop reasonably large to accommodate the length needed to achieve a rolling hitch.

Adjustable Bend Knot Step 1

Step 2: Thread the Loop with the Standing Part

Thread the standing part of your second rope through the loop. If you are joining two ends of the same cord, then utilize a large bight to prevent tangling.

Adjustable Bend Knot Step 2

Step 3: Secure with a Rolling Hitch Knot

Check out our in-depth guide if you don’t know how to tie a rolling/taut-line hitch knot.

A loosened rolling hitch knot is pictured below to help you visualize the form.

Adjustable Bend Knot Step 3

Fasten the working rope into a rolling hitch and tighten it on the standing part of the other. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep a taut-line hitch in shape when tightening. Luckily, this knot inverts instead of deforming under tension.

Adjustable Bend Knot Step 3 Part 2

Step 4: Repeat Steps One, Two, and Three

Complete the previous steps to fasten the bitter end of the second rope around the now standing part of the first with a rolling hitch. Note how the bitter end and standing part can flip-flop when you are working through compound knots.

Adjustable Bend Knot Step 4

Step 5: Adjust to Desired Length

You should now be able to change the overall length between the two adjustable bend knots.

To do so, firmly pull the knots along the length of the cable to shorten and lengthen the compound rope. You can also repeat the steps above to create an adjustable loop or add more sections.

Adjustable Bend Knot Step 5

When to Use Adjustable Bend Knots

The adjustable bend knot is easy to learn and quite versatile. You can use it to join or fasten most types of rope, cabling, and flexible wire.

Crafters often use this knot to secure necklaces and bracelets without a clasp. Tying an adjustable bend knot is simple enough for children to master, so it’s great for kids’ crafts.

You can use adjustable bend knots for more serious applications, such as fastening slings, setting snares, and tying guy lines. Still, there may be a better knot you should use to join two ropes together, depending on your situation.

Important Information About Knots

Knot-tying is one of the most important survival skills that you must learn. You should study and practice common knots regularly to stay sharp.

You may wonder why you would ever need anything other than a simple box knot. Even though this knot seems secure, it tends to capsize under tension.

Capsized knots deform and change shape, so their tensile strength and durability can be unpredictable.

Anytime you use a rope to support your body weight, you must use the proper knots to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Apply this same consideration to demanding tethering and cabling tasks like mooring boats and hoisting heavy objects.

The Survival Guide to Adjustable Bend Knots

After reading this guide, you should now understand when and how to tie an adjustable bend knot.Keep studying the best survival knots so you can stay prepared for survival scenarios. Explore our Knots page to learn more.