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Looking for a specific knot? Here is our complete list of Survival Knots:

Adjustable Bend English Knot Perfection Loop
Adjustable Hitch Englishman’s Bend Pile Hitch
Adjustable Grip Hitch Eskimo Bowline Pipe Lanyard Knot
Albright Knot Falconer’s Knot Rapala Knot
Albright Special Farmer’s Loop Reef Knot
Alpine Butterfly Loop Figure Eight Knot Reeving Line Bend
Alpine Coil Figure Eight Loop Ring Bend
Anchor Bend Fireman’s Chair Knot Ring Hitch
Angler’s Knot Fireman’s Hitch Rolling Hitch
Angler’s Loop Fisherman’s Bend Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
Arbor Knot Fisherman’s Knot Running Bowline
Ashley’s Bend Flemish Knot Sack Knot
Ashley’s Stopper Knot Franciscan Monks’ Knot Sailor’s Knot
Australian Braid French Prusik Salmon Egg Loop
Australian Plait Gallows Knot Savoy Knot
Axle Hitch Girth Hitch Scaffold Knot
Bag Knot Granny Knot Sheepshank
Barrel Hitch Grass Knot Sheet Bend
Barrel Knot Gray’s Loop Simple Hitch
Barrel Sling Half Hitch Simple Noose
Bimini Twist Halibut Knot Single Hitch
Birmingham Bowline Hangman’s Knot Single Strand Diamond Knot
Blimp Knot Hangman’s Noose Slipped Half Hitch
Blood Knot Harness Knot Snake Knot
Boatswain’s Whistle Knot Heaving Line Knot Snaked Whipping
Boiling Knot Highwayman’s Hitch Snell Knot
Boom Hitch Homer Rhode Loop Spider Hitch
Bosun’s Whistle Knot Honda Knot Square Knot
Bowline Icicle Hitch Strait Bend
Bowline on a Bight Jansik Special Strangle Knot
Bowstring Knot Jar Knot Swivel Knot
Buffer Loop Josephine Knot Surgeon’s Knot
Buntline Hitch Jug Sling Knot Tack Knot
Camel Hitch King Sling Knot Tape Knot
Carrick Bend Klemheist Knot Tautline Hitch
Cairnton Knot Knife Lanyard Knot Thief Knot
Cat’s Paw Lark’s Head Three Part Crown Knot
Cinch Knot Ligature Knot Thumb Knot
Cleat Hitch Loop Knot Toggled Bend
Clinch Knot Lorry Knot Transom Knot
Clove Hitch Lover’s Knot Trilene Knot
Coiling Machard Knot Triple Bowline
Common Wipping Magner’s Hitch Triple Crown Knot
Constrictor Hitch Magnus Hitch Triple Figure Eight
Cow Hitch Manrope Knot Triple Palomor Knot
Crawford Knot Marline Hitch Truckers Hitch
Double Bowline Marlingspike Lanyard Knot True Lover’s Knot
Double Clinch Knot Midshipmans Hitch Turle Knot
Double Fisherman’s Knot Miller’s Knot Two Half Hitches
Double Grinner Knot Monkey’s Fist Two Strand Diamond Knot
Double Knot Mooring Hitch Uni-Knot
Double Lineman’s Loop Multifold Overhand Knot Utility Loop
Double Marline Hitch Nail Knot Versatackle Knot
Double Overhand Knot Noose Wagoner’s Hitch
Double Sheet Bend Off-Shore Swivel Knot Water Knot
Double Surgeon’s Knot Overhand Follow-Through Waterman’s Knot
Double Surgeon’s Loop Overhand Knot Wedge Knot
Double Wall and Crown Oysterman’s Stopper Knot Woods Knot
Double Uni Knot Palm-And-Needle Whipping World’s Fair Knot
Dropper Loop Palomar Knot Yosemite Bowline
Egg Loop Pedigree Cow Hitch Zeppelin Bend

The Gallows Knot: A Comprehensive Guide

The gallows knot, originally called the Uni knot, has an intriguing history and is known for its versatility and functionality. Primarily used in fishing, this knot has become a staple for many anglers due to its ability to securely connect lines to hooks or lures, as well as line-to-line connections. The simplicity and reliability of …

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How to Tie the Double Clinch Knot: A Quick and Secure Guide

The Double Clinch Knot, a time-tested and popular choice among anglers, offers great versatility for various fishing applications. Known for its secure hold and adaptability, this knot stands out as the go-to choice for many, especially when it comes to attaching a fine line or leader. The knot, characterized by its strength and efficiency, is …

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Axle Hitch Knot: The Ultimate Guide for Secure Fastening

The Axle Hitch Knot serves as a versatile and practical solution for various situations where a secure attachment is required. Often used for towing purposes, this type of knot makes it possible to fasten a rope around an object, creating a firm connection suitable for dragging heavy loads or securing items in place. Additionally, the …

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Rope Whipping Knot: An Essential Skill for Outdoor Enthusiasts

What is a Rope Whipping Knot? A rope whipping knot is a type of knot used to prevent the ends of a rope from fraying or unraveling. These knots provide a secure and long-lasting solution to keep your ropes in good condition and extend their lifespan, making them an essential skill for anyone who enjoys …

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20 of the Best Bushcraft Knots Every Survivalist Should Know

Our collective knowledge of bushcraft knots is taking a huge hit in modern society. Our kids have just as many options for shoes without laces as they do to use shoes with laces. The earliest knot we teach our children are disappearing. That is just one small example of where that knowledge is being lost. …

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How To Tie the Two Half Hitches Knot

As far as survival tactics go, learning to properly tie a knot is at the very basics of the attributes that constitute a functional person. The skill is so handy, it’s arguably adopted by every boy’s scout training program. It’s remarkable how serious the officials take it, even more, remarkable is how incredibly addictive it …

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How To Tie the Adjustable Hitch Knot

The Adjustable Hitch gives you the flexibility of tightening a rope around anything you’re trying to secure. Using this knot lets you harness a boat to a dock, pull rope lines to a tent with ease, or suspend items overhead quickly. This type of knot utilizes an adjustable loop that allows you to retrieve the …

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How To Tie a Figure Eight Knot

The Figure Eight Knot is an extremely versatile and useful stopper knot with many applications. These range from boating to angling, climbing, and even jewelry making. However, some of its most common uses are in climbing.  The Figure Eight is similar to the Overhand Knot, but is often preferred because it does not share the …

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