Hygiene Sanitation

Keep Your Hands Clean

Germs on your hands can infect food and wounds. Wash your hands after handling any material that is likely to carry germs, after going to the bathroom (cat hole), after caring for the sick, and before handling any food or drinking water. Keep your fingernails cut short and clean and keep your fingers out of your mouth.


Personal hygiene is something that is probably the last thing on your mind when you find yourself in a survival situation. But cleanliness is an important factor in preventing infection and disease. It becomes even more important in a survival situation. Poor hygiene can reduce your chances of survival. The cleaner you stay, the healthier …

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Cat Hole

The individually dug “cat hole” is one of the most acceptable means of feces disposal. Be sure to be at least 200 feet away from all sources (camp, water source, trail) as a general guide. Use whatever will work to dig a hole such as a flat rock, stick, an item that you are carrying, …

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