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Straddle Trench Latrine

What Is a Straddle Trench Latrine? How to Make and Use a Straddle Trench Latrine

When you’re in a survival situation, you must consider how to dispose of everyday waste. This means more than just food scraps and packaging. To maintain a safe and hygienic survival camp, you must deal with human excrement. A trench latrine can help you sanitarily dispose of excreta. Continue reading to learn when and how …

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Keep Your Hands Clean

Germs on your hands can infect food and wounds. Wash your hands after handling any material that is likely to carry germs, after going to the bathroom (cat hole), after caring for the sick, and before handling any food or drinking water. Keep your fingernails cut short and clean and keep your fingers out of your mouth.

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Keep Your Clothing Clean

Whenever possible, clothing should be kept clean, dry, and in good repair. Clean clothing will retain better insulating qualities in cool or cold weather, and wet clothing, even in warm weather, can cause chapping. Keeping your clothing as clean as possible will reduce the chance of skin infection as well as decrease the danger of parasitic …

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Survival Hygiene Kit

How to Create a Survival Hygiene Kit

Life can be unpredictable, and preparedness is key. This mindset takes lots of factors into account, but one of the most important is occasionally overlooked: personal hygiene. It’s important to maintain hygiene even in survival situations, and having a hygiene kit already prepared will help ensure you’re able to care for yourself no matter what …

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Avoiding Illness

In a survival situation, your dangers of contracting diseases multiply. Here are a few simple guidelines for personal hygiene that will enable you to maintain your personal health and the health of others.

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