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Glossary N


Nail Knot (knots)
A knot used to tie together two lines of significantly different diameters. Also called a Needle Knot.

Natural Resource
Materials that come from the earth and can be used by living things, for example: water, oil, and minerals.

Neap Tide (ocean)
tide occurring near the time of quadrature of the moon with the sun. The neap tide range is usually 10- to 30-percent less than the mean tidal range.

Partially compacted first-year snow on the upper portion of a glacier.

NIBB – (New Improved Balance Points) (hunting)
A one piece machined precision weight controlled, and aerodynamic target point made specifically in 7,8 and 9% (FOC) Front of Center balance weights for aluminum arrows.

Nock (hunting)
The notch in the end of an arrow that fits onto a bowstring; the act of nocking an arrow.

Related to nighttime, or occurring at night.

Non-Typical (hunting)
An unusual set of antlers, with variations of antler points other than the normal 4×4 or 5×5. A non-typical mule deer may have 12 points on one side and nine on the other.

On the U.S. East Coast, a storm (low-pressure system) whose counterclockwise winds approach the shore from the northeast as the storm passes an area. Its steeper waves approaching from the opposite direction to normal lower waves can cause coastal erosion. (Also called Nor’easter)

Noseeum Netting
Normal mosquito netting has 200 holes per inch, whereas noseeum netting has 625 holes per inch.

Nasty little bugs typically found near the ocean and around rivers, lakes, and swamps.