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Glossary M


Magnetic North
The geographical region towards which all magnetic needles point. The point is approximately 1,300 miles south of true north.

Main Beam (hunting)
The length of the antler from the base of the skull to the natural tip of the antlers.

Usually transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, malaria can cause fever, shivering, joint pain, vomiting, anemia, and convulsions, which can ultimately lead to coma and death if untreated — especially in young children. Occurs in wet, warm, marshy regions.

An animal that is covered with hair and feeds milk to its babies.

The only trees that grow in salt water. Mangroves protect tropical coastlines from storm surges, and their extensive root system attracts a variety of shallow water game fish.

Maritime Climate
A climate strongly influenced by an oceanic environment, found on islands and the windward shores of continents. It is characterized by small daily and yearly temperature ranges and high relative humidity.

A type of freshwater, brackish water or saltwater wetland that is found along rivers, pond, lakes and coasts. Marsh plants grow up out of the water.

A compact mountain group consisting of several summits.

The most beautiful of aquatic insects, the mayfly is characterized by an upswept wing and long, delicate two or three-stranded tail.

Something that meanders follows a winding path.

Mediterranean Climate
A climate characterized by moist, mild winters and hot, dry summers.

Metamorphic Rock
Rock that has been physically altered by heat and/or pressure.

Merging Currents
A dead spot of calm water created where two currents come together.

The series of changes in shape and function that certain animals go through as they develop from an egg to an adult.

A land formation with a flat area on top and steep walls – usually occurring in dry areas.

A plant or animal of microscopic size.

Any living thing that is too small to be seen with the naked eye.

The migration of animals is generally connected with the seasons and involves with travelling between one place and another, often along a well-known route.

reservoir built to provide flowing water to a watermill.

The sperm of fishes.

A deep, broad trench, filled with water, surrounding a structure, installation, or town.

Modular (hunting)
Something made up of more than one component for adjustability. For example, a lot of cams are modular, allowing variation in draw length, and let-off, by changing the position of one component in relation to the other and reassembling in the new configuration.

Oysters, scallops, mussels, snails, squid, octopuses.

To shed the hair, feathers, skin, or shell and grow a new covering.

An isolated hill or mountain of resistant rock rising above an eroded lowland.

An open, step-like fold in rock over a large area.

Monofilament (fishing)
Nylon line available in different strengths and colors. It is almost invisible to the fish. However, it absorbs water which loosens knots and has a memory so that it tends to come off the reel in coils.

A persistent seasonal wind, often responsible for seasonal precipitation regime. It is most commonly used to describe meteorological changes in southern and eastern Asia.

A mountainous region.

The shedding of fur, feathers, scales and skin so that it can be renewed and replaced.

A very tall high, natural place on Earth – higher than a hill.

Mountain Glacier (also called Alpine glacier)
glacier that forms on a mountain – generally at high altitudes.

Mountain Breeze
System of winds that blow downhill during the night.

Mountain Range
A long chain of mountains; a row of connected mountains.

Mountain Valley Glaciers
Mountains composed of ice.

Mouth (of a river)
Place where a river empties into a larger body of water; the end of a river.

Molluscs are a group of animals that are found in both marine and freshwater habitats. There are nearly 100,000 different species of animal in the mollusc group, which makes up more than 20% of animal life in the water. The octopus and the squid are both molluscs.

Multi Tool
A tool which consists of many parts serving many different functions. It is usually a bit larger then a Swiss Army Knife and the parts usually fold into the handle.

Mummy Bag
A sleeping bag that is tapered at the ends to reduce air space and to conserve heat.