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Glossary G


The death of body tissue due to bacterial infection or the lack of blood circulation. Gangrene results from surgery or in extreme situations where an individual is pinned under a fallen object and blood flow is disrupted for long periods of time.

A measurement used to communicate the potency of a shotgun. The term refers to number of lead balls the size of the inner diameter of the weapon it would take make a pound. For example, a 12-gauge shotgun means that it would take 12 lead balls that size of the inner diameter of the barrel to make one pound. Similarly 20 lead balls the size of the inner diameter of the barrel of a 20-gauge shotgun would weigh a pound.

Gear Loft
A gear loft is a piece of mesh cloth or net that ties to loops suspended from the top of a tent and serves as a small storage area for lightweight items.

A round rock that has a hard “skin” on the outside and that usually is hollow on the inside, often lined or filled with mineral crystals, most common type is the quartz geodes.

Geographic Coordinates
Imagine that lines of latitude and lines of longitude form a grid over the Earth’s surface. A point (coordinate) is formed by the intersection of a latitude line and a longitude line. In this way, any location on the earth can be determined.

A natural hot spring that occasionally sprays water and steam above the ground.

Gill Net
A long net used to encircle a school of fish near the surface.

(glaciation) (1) Period of time during an ice age when glaciers advance because of colder temperatures. (2) Involving glaciers and moving ice. Usually pertaining to processes associated with glaciers.

Glacial Drift
A generic term applied to all glacial and glaciofluvial deposits.

Glacial Ice
A very dense form frozen water that is much harder than snow, névé, or firn.

Glacial Lake
A natural impoundment of meltwater at the front of a glacier.

Glacial Till
Assorted sediment, including soil, rock, and boulders that are moved around by glaciers.

Having been covered with a glacier or subject to glacial epochs.

A slowly moving river of ice. (see more about glaciers)

A small glacier.

A scientist who studies glaciers.

The study of glaciers.

The usually voluntary act of descending a steep slope of snow in a controlled manner either for the sheer thrill of the ride or to bypass tedious scree. Glissading is an alternative to plunge stepping and also cuts down on descent time.

Glove (hunting)
Used by “fingers shooters” to protect the abrasion from the string that can lead to blisters. Usually just covers three fingers.

Get Out of Dodge. An expression, escaping from areas with high population density (usually big cities) to rural areas in the event of a disaster.

Gores (Maps)A globe laid out flat. These are the flat paper section that are used to cover a globe.

A water-repellant, breathable material that allows body vapor to pass through while keeping rain out.

A narrow, steep-sided valley or canyon. Gorges may or may not have a river at their bottom.

An electronic device known as a global positioning unit that uses satellite triangulation to detemine your longitude and latitude.

Grapple (hunting)
Two- or three-pronged metal hook attached to a leg-hold trap with an extended length of chain; used to stop a trapped furbearer from moving away from the sight where caught.

Ecosystem whose dominant species are various types of grass. Found in regions where average precipitation is not great enough to support the growth of shrublands or forest.

The force that causes an object to fall to earth.

Grip (hunting)
Area of the bow riser that is held when the bow is shot. Usually made of wood plastic, or rubber, and in one piece, or two side plates. Locates the bow precisely in the hand.

A reinforced metal eyelet used to secure the ends of tent poles.

Ground Frost
Frost that penetrates the soil surface in response to freezing temperatures.

A part of the ocean (or sea) that is partly surrounded by land (it is usually larger than a bay).

Gutshot (hunting)
When a game animal has been shot in the paunch or intestines. A gutshot animal often escapes from the hunter, only to die a lingering death.

Guy-Out Loops
These are used to attach guy-lines for securing your tent.