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Choosing Winter Hunting Clothes for Cold Conditions

Warmth, safety, and comfort are your top priorities when selecting winter hunting clothes. If you’re hunting in the north, you need to pay extra special attention to finding the right layered setup.

Finding the right layers makes all the difference between a successful winter hunting trip and one that sends you home early and empty-handed. I’ve spoken to several professional winter hunters who’ve disclosed their favorite winter hunting clothes for the coldest conditions.

Keep reading to learn what you need to consider when buying winter hunting clothes and what other hunters are wearing this season to stay warm!

winter hunting clothes

Winter Hunting Clothes Considerations


Blending into your background is important to remain unseen by predators. Professional hunters do this by wearing camouflage that matches the hunting environment. White camo is a popular winter hunting clothing choice in snowy areas.

Blaze orange camo is also often worn by hunters in all seasons because a) many states require hunters to wear bright orange in the field, and b) blaze orange is invisible to most game animals and allows hunters to be seen more easily by other hunters.


It’s essential to choose items made from materials that promote warmth and dryness when selecting winter hunting clothes for cold conditions. These are the materials you want to buy:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Merino wool
  • Fleece
  • Silk

Some winter hunting clothes also include materials to neutralize body odor.

Fit and Mobility

Winter hunting clothing that is too big or small will lack insulation, be uncomfortable to move in, and will make it challenging to access pockets.

Sound Level

Hunting clothes should never jingle or rattle, which will scare predators off. All winter hunting clothes should be quiet to wear.


Quick-Dry Base Layer

If you’ve ever come home from a winter hunting trip soaked with sweat or damp from weather-related conditions, you probably weren’t wearing a quick-base layer. This is one of the most important layers in your hunting winter wardrobe.

Long Johns or Long underwear made from fleece and polyester make excellent base layers. These are hunters’ favorites:

  • Thermajohn Long Johns: A fleece-lined base layer set made from 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. This product comes in a white camo pattern, perfect for hunting in the snow.
  • CL Convallaria Thermal Underwear: A warm, fleece-lined base layer set that comes in several solid colors and camo patterns. Designed from 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

Insulating Middle Layer

Your mid-layer should be made from light fleece or merino wool. This layer should be able to be zipped or vented if you get too hot.

SITKA Gear designs outstanding insulating middle layers.

Top Mid-Layers:

Bottom Mid-Layer:

Waterproof Outer Layer

Your outer layer is your warm winter coat or vest. You will likely want to go up a size in this layer because the layers underneath take up space. You may also want to top off your outer layer with a survival vest.

The best jackets for hunters:

  • Hot Shot 3-in-1 Insulated Camo Hunting Parka: A versatile hunting jacket that comes in five camo patterns and features two functions: an exterior waterproof shell and a comfortable interior. This jacket promotes quiet movement.
  • Wildfowler Outfitter Performance Camo Hunting: A 100% waterproof jacket in four colors and patterns, including blaze orange. Taped seams keep water out, and the soft tricot material is quiet.
  • TIDEWE Fleece Jacket: A heated camo jacket that keeps your core warm with three adjustable heat settings. It comes with two USB ports and provides 10 hours of charge with its 100000 mAh power bank.
winter hunting clothes



Proper hunting winter clothing for your head helps keep your ears and face warm, and it prevents dust and dirt from bothering you.

Hunters love these headwear picks:

  • Under Armour Coldgear: Form-fitting balaclava covering the whole head for full face protection in extreme cold. Made from material to wick sweat and dry fast.
  • EDTREK Waterproof Windproof Camo Beanie: A waterproof camo blaze orange camo beanie that keeps hunters dry and warm in the woods. Designed with a reversible style intended for surviving rain and snow.

Gloves or Mittens

Hunting gloves keep your hands warm on cold winter days, and they also protect them from scrapes from twigs. It’s important to pick hunting gloves that help ensure a tight grip on your weapon.

Hunters’ favorite gloves:

Thermal Socks

Many hunters have said the first part of their body to get cold is their feet. Wearing thermal socks can help keep your toes warm and toasty.

Hunters’ favorite thermal socks:

  • Lavley Socks: The dream sock gift for your favorite hunter (or for yourself). These socks have a cool design and are made for luxurious comfort. They’re also made from a premium fabric to ensure longevity.
  • Darn Tough: Heavyweight cushioned socks that are available in three sizes. Knitted from Merino Wool and guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Hunters must select the best hunting boots for rough terrains, frozen ground, and–of course–warmth. These are the best cold-weather hunting boots for your winter hunting journey.

winter hunting clothes

Stay Warm and Stay in the Game

Set yourself up for success with the right winter hunting clothes!

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