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Snugpak Jungle Blanket Review: Survival Meets Functionality

Finding the perfect survival/camping blanket is tough. You can choose to go with wool, which is perfect except for it’s bulky and heavy. Or you can choose to go with a synthetic fabric that packs small and light, but will it keep you warm when wet?

Without a good survival blanket, you either won’t end up packing one, or you’ll find it lacking when you need it the most eg: when you’re wet and cold.

The Snugpak Jungle Blanket fills the need for a survival blanket and gives you a blanket you’ll be happy to use in any outdoor situation.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Survival Blanket

I go camping in every different type of weather here in Minnesota. From hot humid trips to dealing with nights dipping below zero and everything inbetween.

The importance of packing a good blanket cannot be overstated.

Traditionally, I love wool blankets. They retain heat when wet, they are naturally antibacterial, and they are easy to maintain. But, they are also bulky and heavy. This makes it hard for me to pack wool blankets when I’m out in the woods during fall weather, I often opt to leave them behind to save on packing space.

Other camping blankets aren’t antimicrobal, pack too big, aren’t water resistant, and are generally made for car camping.

Survival blankets are often so small and thin that they are something you would only ever unpack in a life or death situation.

I want a blanket that I am happy to pack in nearly any weather, meets all my survival needs, and is also something I will use regularly at night and around the campsite.

The Snugpak Jungle Blanket

Wrapped in the Jungle Blanket on a Chilly Morning

The Snugpak Jungle Blanket hits all of the needs and wants I have in a survival and general camping blanket.

The Jungle Blanket is wind and water resistant, antibacterial and antimicrobal, retains heat when wet, packs small and light, yet retains loft and is even tear resistant. It meets all of the requirements of a great survival blanket and yet is still comfortable enough that you’ll want to use it on any outdoor trips and even around your own home.


  • Retains Heat When Wet
  • Water and Wind Resistant
  • Ripstop Outer Shell Construction
  • Antibacterial treated
  • Packs Small
  • Weighs 25 Oz


  • Not as light as a TRUE survival blanket
  • Not as warm as a good wood blanket

Features and Benefits of the Snugpak Jungle Blanket

Weight and Size

Snugpak Jungle Blanket Packed Size

With it’s size and weight, the Snugpak Jungle Blanket occupies a sweet spot in between camping blankets and survival blankets.

Many survival blankets pack incredibly small, but they are nearly useless outside of a true survival situation. Many camping blankets are way too big and heavy and are really only good for car or RV camping.

The Jungle Blanket weighs in at 25 oz and has a packed size of 6″ x 6″ when fully compressed using the included compressions stuff sack.

This size makes it a good choice to pack along on camping trips, backpacking trips, canoe camping and even to pack into your bugout bag or survival supplies.

Size and weight are always a consideration and it seems that Snugpak found a happy medium where they can have a blanket that is useful yet not too big and heavy.

Water Resistance / Performance When Wet

Water Resistance

The Jungle Blanket is filled with Snugpak’s Travelsoft insulation. They claim this insulation is ultra-lightweight, yet high loft and retains heat when wet.

First off, no matter what material you’re dealing with, you want the insulation to remain dry if possible. So, is the outer layer of the Jungle Blanket truely water resistant?

The outer layer of the blanket is made from Micro Diamond ripstop polyester fabric. Naturally, this fabric is water resistant, but it is by no means water proof.

It can easily withstand a light sprinkle or a splashing and keep the insulation dry. But a heavy rain or submerging the blanket will result in the insulation becoming soaked.

Performance when Wet

While I am sure that Snukpag has some specific way that their insulation is made, it is 100% polyester. Polyester is personally one of my favorite fabrics when I need to consider staying warm when wet.

With polyester, much like wool, it retains its loft when wet, thus keeping insulating value.

But please do not mistake this for “keeps you warm when wet”. I acutally thing Snugpak states it correctly when they say “retains heat when wet”.

Yes, it absolutely retains heat when wet, but if it is cold out and your blanket is wet, you won’t exactly be warm!

I’ve found this true with nearly all fabrics. Many people like wool because it retains heat when wet also, but most all of these people have never been in a situation where they needed wool layers to keep them warm when wet. Wool will retain heat, but it’s much colder when wet due to the evaporation going on.

I personally think a polyester blanket such as the Jungle Blanket is a great choice if you are looking for something that has water resistance and can still perform when wet.


I’ve used many camping blankets over the years from basic rough wool blankets, to down stuffed expensive ones and the Snugpak Jungle Blanket ranks near the top in terms of comfort.

It’s definitely not the most comfortable blanket, but most camping blankets aren’t, especially ones that need to be water resistant and lightweight.

I would put it at least on par with both the REI Camp Blanket ($79) and the Rumpl Puffy Blanket ($99), but it is roughly half the price of both. The Rumpl is a touch more comfortable but drastically bigger and more expensive.

It is definitely not as comfortable as down blankets such as the REI Down Camp Blanket or the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket, but down loses its insulating properties when wet, so I wouldn’t call those survival blankets, but rather comfy expensive camping blankets.


Snugpak Jungle Blanket Micro Diamond Ripstop Fabric

I have had my Jungle Blanket for one season now and I have had zero issues with its construction or durability.

The ripstop outer shell provides peace of mind that even if I do get a tear, the blanket is not going to be useless.

The polyester insulation keeps doing well even when I stuff the blanket into the provided compression stuff sack and keep it stuffed under pressure for multiple days. When I take it out, it fluffs out and does great at keeping its insulation fluffy.

The Jungle Blanket fabric is also treated with antibacterial technology meaning that the needs to wash is minimized (thus extending the life) and odors are significantly reduced. Which is a blessing when you’re out in the woods and your gear gets wet!


I’ve already touched on warmth when wet, but staying warm when wet is really just an emergency situation (that hopefully you don’t have to experience). What’s more important is how the Jungle Blanket performs in normal day to day uses such as keeping you warm at night, around the campfire, while in the deer stand or other areas.

Snugpak claims that the Jungle Blanket will keep you warm down to 45 degrees and honestly, I think that they are mostly right.

If you’re dressed appropriately to be outdoors in 45 degrees (hoodie, pants, maybe a hat) and you use the Jungle Blanket for added warmth, you’ll be plenty warm. But, if you try to wrap up with just the Jungle Blanket on a 45-degree night, you are going to freeze.

If you plan on using this blanket instead of a sleeping bag, I personally wouldn’t use it in any weather dipping below 60 degrees unless you are also sleeping in some solid layers.

If you plan on being in the outdoors in weather below 45 degrees, the Jungle Blanket should really only be used as a supplemental piece of insulation or an emergency blanket, not as a primary source of insulation.


Rumpl Puffy Blanket

Rumpl has built a reputation making camping blankets that are comfortable and look really cool. But from a survival viewpoint, they don’t offer much. The Rumpl Fluffy Blanket measures 7″ x 16″ when packed, 52″ x 75″ when unpacked, and weighs in at 33.6 oz.

The Rumpl is definitely a bit heavier than most camping blankets, but it is noticably thicker as well. I own and use this blanket for camping, but would never truly consider packing it for any survival situations.

REI Camp Blanket

The REI Camp Blanket is a very similar blanket to the Snugpak Jungle Blanket. It has a weight of 22 oz (slightly less than the Jungle Blanket) and a packed size of 7″ x 9″ (slightly bigger) and an unpacked size of 70″ x 54″ (significantly smaller).

The REI Camp Blanket is also constructed out of 100% polyester including both the outer shell and the insulation.

These blankets do come in some fun colors and patterns compared to Snugpak’s standard greens and tans. And I honestly love REI’s camp blanket.

However, for a blanket that really doesn’t come across significantly different than Snugpaks, the $79 price tag is nearly double the $45 price tag at Northern Forest Gear.


The Snugpak Jungle Blanket blurs the line between survival blankets and camping blankets, making a blanket that can be used day to day and also packed in case of emergency.

With its polyester construction, it performs great in outdoor situations, and its small pack size make it barely and inconvenience to pack.

Finally, the low price tag of $44.95 make it a great value for outdoor lovers from hunting, fishing, camping, and survival.

Check out Beyond The Tent’s review of the Jungle Blanket here.

You can purchase the Snugpak Survival Blanket at Northern Forest Gear for $44.95

Purchase The Jungle Blanket Here $44.95