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Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet Review

This is my personal review of the Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet with Fire Starter available from Walmart.

A quality hatchet is a staple for my camping trips. I also sometimes bring one backpacking. A hatchet is also a very important tool for wilderness survival.

I`ve used this Ozark Trail Hatchet on several short camping trips so far. I`ve tested it alongside several of my favorite hatchets like my Fiskars X7 Hatchet and my Gerber Pack Hatchet.

So far, it`s performed very well, especially considering its very affordable cost. It`s strong and sharp enough to easily cut firewood for a campfire. It comes with a fire starter and paracord.

Today, I`m going to break down the Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet in more detail to help you decide if it`s the right survival hatchet for you.

Quick Thoughts on Ozark Trail Hatchet

Ozark Trail Hatchet

This survival hatchet from Ozark Trail is surprisingly light.

At just a hair over 11 ounces, it`s one of the lightest hatchets I`ve personally used. But, despite its light weight, it`s proven very strong and durable so far.

Of course, I`ve just used this hatchet for normal camping tasks like chopping up kindling to make a campfire. I haven`t used it in a true survival situation where you need to trust all of your tools 100%.

I also really like that this hatchet has a paracord-wrapped handle. It not only makes for a more comfortable and secure grip, but it`s always handy to have paracord around in an emergency (to tie survival knots and make survival shelters among other things).

Another useful extra feature is the included fire starter. It`s made from magnesium alloy. Just scrape it on the back of the blade to start a fire. Sure, it`s more difficult than using matches or a lighter, but it works well in an emergency.

This survival hatchet also features 3 different size hex wrenches milled into the blade itself 3/8″, ½”, and 5/8″.

All in all, this is a handy little outdoor hatchet that gets the job done. The blade is sharp and the handle is sturdy. It`s even sharp enough to double as a knife!

Pros and Cons of Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet

Ozark Trail Hatchet with Blade

After using this Ozark Trail Hatchet on several short camping trips, here`s my opinion of its pros and cons for camping, backpacking, survival, and more.

What I Like About the Paracord Axe Hatchet

A few of the things I like most about this survival hatchet include:

  • Light This Ozark Trail Hatcher is super lightweight at just 11 ounces. It`s a great option for backpacking.
  • Sharp The blade on this camp hatchet is very sharp and easy to sharpen with the right tools.
  • Strong Despite its lightweight design, this hatchet has held up very well so far to regular use on camping trips.
  • Affordable Perhaps the best reason to buy this survival hatchet is because of its very affordable price. It`s an excellent starter hatchet.
  • Accessories This tool comes with a paracord handle, a magnesium fire starter, and three built-in hex wrenches.

What I Don`t Like About the Paracord Axe Hatchet

A few of the things I don`t like about this survival hatchet include:

  • Too Light Honestly, I prefer something with a little more heft. This hatchet is super light and also very thin. It`s not suitable for big jobs.
  • Not Strongest I don`t have any real-life data to back this up (yet) but the Ozark Trail Hatcher just feels flimsier than others I`ve used. This is likely due to its super lightweight design.

Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet Features and Specs

Here are the most important features and specs for this Ozark Trail Hatchet:

Weight: 11 OuncesSize: 12.5 x 7 x 0.75 Inches
10-Inch Paracord-Wrapped HandleRust-Resistant Steel Blade
Comes w/ Magnesium Fire Starter3 Sizes Hex Wrenches in Blade
Comes w/ Carrying Case/SheathThin & Flat for Easy Storage

Visit to learn more about the Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet`s features and specifications.

My Experience with the Ozark Trail Hatchet

Ozark Trail Hatchet Blade

I`ve used the Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet on several short camping trips.

So far, I`ve been very happy with its performance and functionality. It`s incredibly sharp, comfortable in the hand, and seems quite durable despite its light weight and low price.

The magnesium fire starter, paracord handle, and built-in hex wrenches are nice touches, although I`ve yet to use them personally.

For the purposes of reviewing this hatchet, I`ve taken it with me on camping trips and used it for all my usual camping tasks like chopping firewood and hammering in tent stakes.

Although it`s performed well at all of these tasks, I personally feel that this hatchet is better suited as a backup hatchet for emergencies rather than your go-to survival hatchet.

I`ll probably take it with me while I`m backpacking, but I prefer something with a little more heft for camping, hunting, and fishing.  

Another great use for this Ozark Trail Hatchet is to stow in your vehicle emergency kit. It`s so compact and thin that it will even fit in the glovebox of most cars.

So, stash it somewhere in your vehicle and forget about it until you need it. You`ll be happy you did.

Alternatives to the Ozark Trail Hatchet

Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet on Picnic Table

There are a ton of great alternatives to the Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet.

As mentioned above, I`m a big fan of the Fiskars X7 Hatchet for general use at the campsite and around the house. I also really like the Gerber Pack Hatchet for backpacking.

For a dedicated survival hatchet, I really like the Kershaw Deschutes Axe Hatchet thanks to its incredibly rugged design that will hold up to the wear and tear of the harshest survival situations.

Although there are a ton of awesome hatchets for survival, I recommend the Fiskars X7 most highly for survivalists and preppers looking for a great all-around survival axe hatchet at an affordable price.

What`s the Verdict?

Alternate Angle of Ozark Trail Hatchet

This Ozark Trail Hatchet is a quality camping hatchet at an affordable price.

I highly recommend it to all campers looking to buy a budget hatchet that`s strong, durable, and sharp without breaking the bank.

It`s also a great option for backpackers thanks to its lightweight. In fact, this is probably the activity that I`ll use this hatchet for the most.

As far as prepping goes, this Ozark Trail Hatchet is a decent option if it`s all you can afford. But there are much better survival hatchets.

I recommend you spend a tiny bit more for a more durable and well-built hatchet that you can completely trust to do the job without fail in a survival situation.

Buy the Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet with Firestarter from Walmart.