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Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite Review

The Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite immediately impressed me.

Just judging from looks alone, this is the type of hatchet axe you`d want to have in a zombie apocalypse type situation.

After a few short camping trips, I`ve an even bigger fan of the Survival Axe Elite. It`s a super well-made multi-purpose tool to keep in your vehicle for emergencies or to stash in your bug-out bag.

Although it`s not my hands-down favorite survival axe or survival hatchet, it`s certainly a functional and impressive tool that packs a lot of different features into a compact package.

Here`s my experience with the OGT Survival Axe Elite to help decide if it`s right for your survival kit.

Quick Thoughts on the Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite

Right out of the box, it`s apparent that the OGT Survival Axe Elite is extremely well-made.

It has the perfect heft to it and feels solid in your hand. It`s very rugged and durable for how light it is (just 1.5 pounds).

Not only that, but the Survival Axe Elite boasts a ton of unique features, although perhaps not as many as advertised by Off Grid Tools (they claim it has 30+ features).

In addition to the axe/hatchet blade itself, the most notable feature/tool is the folding survival saw. The 6-inch saw blade is very sharp and will cut through just about anything.

But what I like best about the saw blade is that it can easily be replaced with a standard reciprocating saw blade. So, stock up on a couple of extras for your bug-out bag.

The Survival Axe Elite can also be used as a hammer, pry bar, can opener, bottle opener, nail puller, and much more. It has a built-in glass breaker and seatbelt strap cutter which makes it the perfect multi-purpose emergency tool to keep in your vehicle.

Before even taking it out into the field, one potential negative I did notice is that the blade isn`t very sharp out of the box. It`s plenty sharp to split wood but not enough to chop wood. Indeed, you can run your hands over the brand-new blade without getting cut.

Luckily, the axe blade sharpened up easily. The fresh edge has stayed sharp through several camping trips so far.

Pros and Cons of the Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe

After using the OGT Survival Axe Elite on several camping trips, here`s my personal opinion on this tool`s pros and cons for survival.

What I Like About the Survival Axe Elite

A few of the things I like most about this survival axe include:

  • Rugged The Survival Axe Elite is remarkably well built and seems like it will stand up for the long haul.
  • Comfortable The handle isn`t the most comfortable in the world, but is pretty dang comfortable whether you`re using the axe, the saw, or the hammer.
  • Performs Well Both the blade and saw parts of this survival axe perform well. The hammer is also highly effective.
  • Lots of Features Off Grid Tools packs a ton of features into this survival tool`s lightweight and compact frame.
  • Perfect Size What I love best about this multi-function tool is its perfect size. It`s compact enough to easily stow in your pack, but has enough heft to work well for most tasks.

What I Don`t Like About the Survival Axe Elite

A few of the things I don`t like about this survival axe include:

  • Not as Good as Standalone The main disadvantage of a multi-function tool is that it will never perform any of its intended tasks as well as a tool with one specific purpose. In this case, the Survival Axe Elite isn`t as good as the best standalone survival axes. Yet the extra features allow it to perform a wide variety of additional functions that a normal axe or hatchet cannot.

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite Features and Specs

Here are the most important features and specs for the Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite:

Weight: 1.6 PoundsOverall Length: 11.7 Inches
Head Width: 4.9 InchesHandle Width: 2.2 Inches
Hardened 1055 Carbon Steel Tang33% Glass-Filled Nylon Handle
Resharpenable BladeOver 30 Features
Replaceable Locking Saw BladeHammer Head w/ Claw

Visit to learn more about the Survival Axe Elite`s features and specifications.

My Experience with the Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite with saw out

I`ve only used this survival axe on camping trips so far.

The hatchet/axe end is great at splitting wood for a campfire while the saw blade end works surprisingly well. I thought the saw might be a little awkward to use, but that worry was soon squashed.

Honestly though, the part of this multi-tool I use most is the backend of the hatchet blade as a hammer. I use it to hammer in tent stakes. I also use the pry bar to help pull them out.

What really interests me about this product, however, is the glass breaker and seatbelt cutter.

Unfortunately, I was not able to test out either of these features. I just didn`t have a spare car window to smash or seatbelt to cut! That said, I imagine both of these tools work as intended.

After a handful of trips, I`m most pleased with the size of this tool. It`s completely functional while remaining quite lightweight (just 1.5 pounds). It`s the perfect size for camping, hunting, and fishing, although it`s a little too heavy for backpacking for me personally.

I`ll likely stash the Off-Grid Tools Survival Axe in my car emergency kit (it could also fit in a glove box). It`s also an excellent multi-purpose tool for your bug-out bag.

Is the Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite Right for You?

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe saw

A multi-function axe like the Survival Axe Elite is the perfect addition to any camper`s arsenal of tools.

I highly recommend this survival axe if you`re looking for a new camping hatchet that also packs several additional features into the mix.

The Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite is also the perfect tool for survivalists and preppers to keep in their bug-out vehicle or even bug-out bag.

Personally, my plan is to keep this tool in my vehicle as part of my emergency kit. I`ll likely continue to use it on camping trips, but will leave it behind on most backpacking excursions.

Alternatives to the Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite

Ozark Trail Hatchet
Ozark Trail Hatchet – A simple, lightweight alternative for those on a budget.

To be perfectly honest, I`m usually not that big of a fan of multi-function tools.

All too often, I`ve found that the extra tools don`t usually work as well as if you bought each tool separately. Sometimes the main tool doesn`t even work as expected.

The Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite stands out as one of the only multi-function tools I`ve used where each tool does a darn good job.

Not only does the axe/hatchet blade work very well for chopping tasks, but the fold-out reciprocating saw blade cuts extremely well too.

Even all of the additional features like the glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, bottle and can openers, hammer, and pry bar work well.

I don`t really have any alternatives to recommend in terms of a multi-function survival axe, although there are a lot of great survival hatchets and survival saws out there that do just as good a job.

For example, the Ozark Trail Paracord Axe Hatchet is a surprisingly high-quality survival hatchet for camping and prepping. It`s also extremely lightweight. It makes for a great backpacking hatchet or a hatchet to keep in your glove box for emergencies.

So, What`s the Verdict?

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite on a Picnic Table

In my opinion, the OGT Survival Axe is best suited as an everyday carry in your vehicle.

Not only does it have a built-in glass breaker and seatbelt cutter, but the hatchet, hammer, and saw functionality are all very important to have on you in case of an emergency survival situation.

I also strongly recommend this survival axe to campers, hunters, and anglers. It`s also a great option for your bug-out bag, although there are individual hatchets, axes, and saws that perform better.

Simply put, the Survival Axe Elite from Off Grid Tools is the perfect tool for those looking for a multi-function tool that combines a hatchet blade and saw with a few extras.

Buy the Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite from Amazon.