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Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow Review

Simple and straightforward, the Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow is one of the best camping pillows on a budget.

Although it`s not designed specifically with wilderness survival in mind, it does make a good survival pillow for survivalists and preppers to stow in their bug-out bags or bug-out shelters.

But, because most of those interested in the Cocoon camp pillow are normal campers and backpackers, this review is going to focus on its applications for camping and backpacking rather than survival.

Cocoon Camp Pillow

I`ve used this inflatable air pillow on several short camping trips so far. I`m very impressed with its simple, durable design as well as its very affordable price.

Here`s what you need to know if you`re looking to add the Cocoon Air-Core Hood/Camp Pillow to your camping gear stash.

My Experience with the Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow

Exterior of Cocoon Camp Pillow

Right out of the box, it`s evident that the Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow is built to last.

The pillow just feels durable before you even take it out of its stuff sack. And, once unpacked, the quality workmanship is even more apparent.

Just as immediately evident is this camp pillow`s weight. Although it`s certainly not heavy at just 4 ounces, it is heavier than the lightest ultralight pillows on the market.

Normally, I probably wouldn`t notice the couple of extra ounces (since 4 ounces is still very light for a camp pillow), but I unboxed the Cocoon side by side with the ultralight Therm-a-Rest Air Head Lite Pillow which clocks in at just 2 ounces.

In addition to its sturdiness, I was also quickly impressed with this Cocoon pillow`s simple and straightforward design. What it lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in simplicity and minimalism.

As the full product name implies, this camp pillow is built from the ground up for use in mummy-style sleeping bags common among backpackers. It`s shape and no-slip exterior ensure it will stay in your sleeping bag hood during the night.

At first glance, I thought this air pillow was going to be among the most comfortable I`ve used thanks to its dual-purpose exterior one side a silky polyester for warm nights and the opposite side a microfiber for colder nights.

But, after using the Cocoon camp pillow on several trips, I actually find it least comfortable compared to the other pillows I`ve recently tested.

The reason for this is that the pillow is quite firm when inflated. Even when deflated slightly, it`s still much firmer than most other camp pillows.

Of course, this is all just personal preference. If you prefer a firmer pillow, then you`ll probably find the Cocoon more comfortable than I do.  

Pros and Cons of the Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow

Cocoon Camp Pillow with Therm-a-Rest Air Pillow and Snugpak Air Pillow
Cocoon Camp Pillow with Therm-a-Rest Air Pillow and Snugpak Air Pillow

The Cocoon Camp Pillow isn`t anything to write home about. It doesn`t have many bells and whistles to set it apart. Yet it does its job very well at a very affordable price. Here is what I like and dislike about this budget camp pillow.

What I Like About the Cocoon Camp Pillow

A few of the things I like most about this camping pillow include:

  • Durable This air pillow is built to last thanks to quality workmanship and materials.
  • Easy to Clean The exterior cover comes off from the interior air bladder for easy cleaning.
  • Made for Hood This pillow slips right into your sleeping bag hood.
  • Two Exterior Materials One side of the pillow is sleek to stay cool on hot nights while the other is microfiber to keep you cozy on cold nights.
  • Affordable The Cocoon is one camp pillow that won`t break the bank.

What I Dislike About the Cocoon Camp Pillow

A few of the things I dislike about this camping pillow include:

  • Firm For me personally, the Cocoon is too firm. It`s still a little too firm when you let some air out. That said, those that like firm pillows are sure to love this one.

Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow Features and Specs

Here are a few of the most important features and specs for this Cocoon camping pillow:

Weight: 3.8 OuncesSize: 15 x 11 Inches
InflatableExterior: Polyester & Microfiber
Removable Exterior for WashingComes w/ Stuff Sack

Is the Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow Right for You?

Cocoon Camp Pillow with Coca-Cola Can

The Cocoon Air-Core Hood/Camp Pillow is an excellent air pillow for campers and backpackers on a budget.

Not only that, but it`s super lightweight and compact for just how affordable it is although far from the lightest and cheapest available if you`re able to spend more.

What`s really neat about the Cocoon camp pillow is its versatility. It works just as well as a travel pillow for airplane flights as it does on camping and backpacking trips.

Since we`re all about wilderness survival here at Survival World, let me briefly touch on the Cocoon`s viability for survivalism.

Although far from a necessity for survival, an air pillow like this one is seriously nice to have in a survival situation, especially if you`ll be sleeping outside for a long period of time.

I personally like the Snugpak Basecamp Ops Air Pillow just a bit more for survival, but this Cocoon pillow is certainly a solid addition to any prepper`s go-bag or survival kit.  

Alternatives to the Cocoon Camp Pillow

Cocoon Camp Pillow with Therm-a-Rest Air Pillow and Snugpak Air Pillow
Cocoon Camp Pillow with Therm-a-Rest Air Pillow and Snugpak Air Pillow

As I just mentioned above, I really like the Snugpak Basecamp Ops Air Pillow for those in the market for a dedicated survival pillow.

On the other hand, ultralight backpackers looking to shave off every ounce of weight possible will do well to look seriously into the Therm-a-Rest Air Head Lite Pillow which is just 2 ounces half of what the Cocoon weighs.

Other options that I like include the Nemo Fillo Pillow and the REI Camp Pillow.

Of course, yet another option for ultralight backpackers and survivalists alike is to do without a pillow altogether. Although you`ll be sacrificing a little bit of comfort, a balled-up jacket or the edge of your backpack certainly gets the job done.

So, What`s the Verdict?

Side View of Cocoon Camp Pillow

The Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow is a quality inflatable camping pillow, no doubt about it.

I recommend it to all campers, backpackers, and survivalists namely because of its affordable price but also because of its durability, comfortable, and ease of cleaning.

Is it the best camp pillow on the market? No, but that doesn`t really mean much. This Cocoon pillow is a solid product through and through. I`m sure most campers (except those that prefer a softer, more forgiving pillow) will be more than happy with it.

Buy the Cocoon Air-Core Hood/Camp Pillow from REI.