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20 Bushcraft Leather Projects for Survivalists

Thanks to the rising costs of living, items made from leather have become so incredibly expensive. We’ll show you how to use leather sheets and scraps to create bushcraft projects, survivalist gear, and improve your stash on your own, without spending a ton of cash on pre-made items. So, stay up to date with handmade survival items, learn easy ways to make your own prepper gear, and try your hand at bushcraft leather projects.

Making bushcraft leather projects

Keep reading, as we’ve compiled 20 Great Bushcraft Leather Projects you can make in the comfort of your own home, keep on hand, and will make essential additions to your collection of survival gear. Also, let us show you how to save money and not sacrifice quality and materials for your survival needs.

What is Bushcraft?

Bushcrafting is the art and practice of skills to help develop broader knowledge and understanding about how to survive and thrive only using the environment. The history of leather crafting has also been used for a long time. Learning how to craft is essential to saving money and using natural products.

Examples Of Bushcraft Leather Project Techniques

  • Dyeing
  • Painting
  • Carving
  • Stamping
  • Molding or Shaping
  • Laser Cutting or Etching
  • Perforation
  • Pyrography

20 Great Bushcraft Leather Projects You Can Make At Home

1. Hand Stitched Bushcraft Leather Rucksack

Rucksacks are large rugged backpacks great for camping and hiking. They offer pockets and belts, such as chest and hip belts, to hold heavy loads and amounts of outdoor gear. Rucksacks also handle more than a traditional backpack.

To make one, follow this guide to create a hand-stitched bushcraft leather rucksack. Create an inside with durable wax canvas, or choose to transform an old military backpack. Use leather on the outside, a valuable earthly material, to make it long-lasting and sturdy.

2. Bushcraft Leather Belt Pouch

My second bushcraft leather project for you is this belt pouch. A homemade leather belt pouch is an item that’s added to your tool belt and gives you additional storage. Belt pouches will help hold tools and survival gear you’d want to have close by and keep safe.

Using durable leather helps to keep a bushcraft leather project belt pouch strong, waterproof, and long-lasting. You can also customize your belt pouch to fit your needs. Visit this guide to make your own bushcraft leather belt pouch.

3. Bushcraft Leather Moccasins

Another important bushcraft leather project is a pair of durable moccasins. Say you end up stuck in the wilderness without shoes. You’d be a step ahead in knowing how to craft a pair of leather moccasins using buckskin rawhide. Historically, moccasin shoes were used by indigenous people of North America as well as hunters, traders, and European settlers.

When making moccasins, we suggest using buckskin rawhide, a hide or animal skin not yet exposed to tanning. Learn how to make moccasin shoes or boots here.

4. Archery Bushcraft Leather Armguard and Finger Tab

You’ll find most armguards a sheath commonly made of instructable leather. Archery armguards cover the inside area of an archer’s bow-holding arm. Armguards offer protection from bow injuries or fletching while shooting. Finger tabs also protect an archer’s fingers from damages caused by the bowstring.

This guide will teach you how to make a simple armguard and finger tab using less than five dollars worth of material!

5. Leather Axe Sheath

Here’s an important bushcraft leather project that adds a measure of safety and aesthetic appeal. You can use a leather sheath or scabbard to hold a sword, knife, or axe blade. Leather axe sheaths are not only durable but offer excellent protection to store blades and keep you free from injury. Leather is the top material used when it comes to different varieties of sheaths.

Easy bushcraft leather projects: leather axe sheath

Did you know you can craft your own? Use this excellent bushcraft leather project guide guide to learn how to make your own leather axe scabbards or sheaths.

6. Bushcraft Leather Handle Guard Wrap

An axe is an essential survival tool you’ll always use in many ways. The handle of an axe is sturdy but unfortunately made out of wood and will depreciate over time.

Use your new leather crafting skills to make your axe a bushcraft leather handle guard wrap to help protect the haft from rotting or depreciating due to natural elements.

7. Leather Ditty Bag

You can use a custom leather ditty bag to hold several smaller items such as things you need to craft these projects, string, and scissors. Ditty bags are also great for carrying collections of fids and marlinspikes for rope working.

Save on the cost, and use authentic leather and this guide to learn how to make your own inexpensive wilderness ditty bag.

8. Bushcraft Leather Hat

The notion of broad-brimmed hats with a high crown is the height provides insulation, while the wide brim gives you shade and protection from the hot sun.

Leather gear can get expensive, so we feel this guide on making a leather bushcraft hat helps you create a handmade leather hat without giving up long-lasting material due to costs.

9. Perfect Leather Pouch for Bullets

Part of practicing homesteading, prepping, and survival skills like making bushcraft leather projects is using all material until it’s ultimately gone. We have a simple leather pouch guide to help you make a simple pouch perfect for holding smaller items, such as bullets, using only your scrap leather pieces.

Handmade leather pouch

Right now, saving money is everything, so we encourage you to check out this user-friendly bushcraft leather project guide to make a leather pouch or three for your survival stash!

10. Simple Bushcraft Leather Bag

Bags are a universal tool that helps store and carry your favorite gear and valuable outdoor items. If you’d like to make a simple bushcraft leather bag, use this guide to craft your own simple leather bag, customize it to fit your needs, and even give it a one-of-a-kind design.

11. Leather Crossbody Bag

Here’s another style of bushcraft leather project bag to give you some variety. Use the following guide to craft a bushcraft leather crossbody bag that’s sleek, rugged, and functional. Crossbody style bags are perfect for oversized items or documents. Also, the style of a crossbody bag is perfect to simply cross over your chest and give your back a rest.

12. Bushcraft Leather Glasses Case

If you wear glasses, you know the importance of protecting the lenses. You’ll need that type of protection to store glasses in your bag. Use this guide to help you make a sturdy bushcraft leather glasses case to keep your lenses and frames unharmed.

Handmade Leather Glasses Case

A bushcraft leather glasses case is also great for a pair of sunglasses used to protect your eyes from dangerous sun rays, so consider making two!

13. Leather Corner Bookmark Project

Are you a reader? These corner bookmarks make a great rugged statement to hold your page. Practice less waste by using scrap leather to make a few of these durable and straightforward corner bookmarks. You can also use these bushcraft leather project corner bookmarks to mark places in your survival guide, map book, and journals.

14. Bushcraft Knife Blade Cover

Carrying knives can be dangerous, but knives are essential for outdoor survival. Here’s an excellent bushcraft leather project guide to help you make a sturdy knife blade cover. These knife covers or sheaths will surely keep you free from potential injury while protecting your blades.

15. Bushcraft Leather Pocket Belts

Next, try and create a bushcraft leather pocket belt. Pocket belts have hidden pockets inside the belt area as well as hanging bags giving you proper utility storage. Easily store your tools, compass, survival gear, and personal needs close by and easily accessible.

Homemade leader knife blade cover

Use these instructions to make a cost-effective, homemade bushcraft leather pocket belt to add to your stash.

16. Hand-Stitched Leather Notebook Cover

Journals have been used for many years to help keep track of memories; however, journals have a greater purpose and are essential survival gear. Use your journals to jot down lists, draw maps, and store important information during your journey. Give your paperback survival book a lift by adding a thick leather cover.

Stay on budget and save money using this hand-stitched leather notebook cover guide. Now all your paper items will remain safe and can easily be stored away in your pack without risking bent pages or tearing. Leather can also help protect from moisture.

17. Easy Leather Mini Notebooks

Notebooks are valuable tools, but what if space is limited, or you just need a tally saver? This bushcraft leather project, how to make a leather mini notebook, will be helpful to quickly and easily create a few mini notebooks for your pack. Follow this guide using more extensive measurements if you need larger-sized notebooks.

18. Roll Up Leather Pencil Case

Writing utensils are necessary to have on hand in your survival pack but can easily get lost due to their size. So save yourself the trouble and make this bushcraft leather roll-up pencil case to compactly store an array of pencils, pens, and colored pencils.

Leather roll up pencil case

This roll-up leather pencil case will be a great addition to your new handmade leather bags!

19. No-Stitch Bushcraft Leather Flask Cover

If you’re short on crafting tools, here’s a no-stitch bushcraft leather flask or canteen cover you can make without needing sewing supplies, leather tools, or advanced skill. Leather is a durable material that will give your canteen and flask insulation while keeping your drinks from warming or spoiling, making this an essential bushcraft leather project for survivalists.

20. DIY Leather Belt Guide

Finally, leather straps will make great long lasting leather belts. But, as we know, leather items are costly, so we encourage you to make your own. You can customize the size, design, and thickness you need in your belts. Use this helpful guide to learn how to make a classic leather belt.

Wrapping Up Bushcraft Leather Projects

Did you see any bushcraft leather projects above you can’t wait to try? As a prepper and survivalist, crafting is a highly beneficial skill set for survival. We hope this list inspires you to stay sharp, add in one-of-a-kind homemade items, and craft with natural leathers.

Now that you’ve read all you need to know about bushcraft leather projects, check out this list of The Absolute Best Bushcraft Gear for Survivalists to make sure you’ve also got all the non-leather essentials ready to go for survival situations.