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The Best Camping Table For 2023: Our Top 5 Picks

Whether you’re at home or camping out, mealtimes are among the most comforting experiences, especially if you’re traveling as a group.

While seated around a table, friends and family have the chance to laugh, connect and make everlasting memories.

When you’re camping, the key is to pack light, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo bringing a camping table.

Keep reading to learn our top five picks for the best camping table to pack and bring with you.

best camping table

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Moosejaw Eatastic Roll-Top Table

Budget Option:
Black Sierra XL Truss Roll Top Table

Best All-In-One:
Mountain Gear Aluminum Folding Picnic Table

Best Overall

Moosejaw Eatastic Roll-Top Table

best camping table

The Moosejaw Eatastic Roll-Top Table tops our list as the best camping table because of its simplistic design, durability, and ease of storage.

This table has a weight capacity of 110 lbs., so you can set down food, beverages, and dinnerware on it without worry. It’s a lightweight option that’s truly designed for mealtime! At just 16.1 lbs., the table is easy to pack, transport, and store. It measures 48″ long and 27.3″ wide but packs down to 48″ long, 7.1″ wide, and 5.1 tall. Store it in its own carrying bag.

This camping table has three height settings, so you can adjust it from 25.5″ to 34″ to use as a coffee table, dinner table, or prep counter. It also has a mesh storage shelf underneath to hold your cooking essentials!

Whether you’re using it for camping, tailgating, or playing cards, this table will remain steady throughout. Its wide-base, pivoting feet resist sinking into sand or soft dirt for constant stability, even on rough terrain. Its aluminum roll-top is sturdy and takes just one minute to assemble. It’s a great table to have, whether you’re on the move or stationary!


  • Sits up to four people
  • Three height settings
  • Roll-top design folds down for enhanced portability


  • Lightweight; this table may not be able to support heavy camping gear

Best Budget Option

Black Sierra XL Truss Roll Top Table

best camping table

Like the frontrunner on this list, the Black Sierra XL Truss Roll Top Table is another roll-top-style camping table. However, what sets this one apart is its affordable pricing. If you want the best “bang for your buck,” this is your go-to table.

This camping table measures 28” tall, 44.5” wide and 28” deep and supports up to 80 lbs.; a great surface for food prep and meals. When you’re finished, simply roll it up and pack it into its accompanying carrying bag. It conveniently assembles and disassembles in seconds without the need for tools.

The table is perfect for camping, outdoor picnics, and beach trips. It’s made from weather-resistant aluminum that’s protected with an easy-to-clean powder coat. It also features anti-slip feet to ensure stability, even on sleek surfaces.

Perhaps most convenient of all, this table is only 11 lbs., which makes it a breeze to transport and store. You can even keep it in the trunk of a car to use as needed.


  • Affordable price point
  • Assembles and disassembles in seconds; no tools required


  • Lightweight; this table may not be able to support heavy camping gear
  • Less durable; some customers say that resting one’s weight against the table can cause the tabletop to bend

Best All-On-One

Mountain Gear Aluminum Folding Picnic Table

best camping table

If you’re traveling as a group but still need something more compact, the Mountain Gear Aluminum Folding Picnic Table is for you. Whether you use it as a camping table or bring it to the park or beach, you can relax around a table with built-in seating for four. A family-friendly choice, each seat has a weight capacity of up to 225 lbs.

Despite its size–it’s 53.5” long, 33.5” wide, and 26.5” deep–this table is lightweight (22 lbs.), which comes in handy when it’s being carried to a destination. Setup is quick and easy; simply unfold it and sit down. When you’re done, the table packs into itself to save space and folds to 34” long, 13.5” wide, and 4” deep.

This camping table has an umbrella stand hole, which makes it perfect to use on a hot and sunny day or to save for a rainy day. It’s also made from water-resistant aluminum slat sheets and engineered composite for use in all kinds of weather.


  • Has built-in seating for four people; no need to purchase chairs separately
  • Has an umbrella stand hole
  • Each seat has a weight capacity of up to 225 lbs.


  • Some customers noticed flimsiness in the legs
  • Does not come with a carrying bag

Best Compact

Coleman Outdoor Folding Table

Coleman Outdoor Folding Table | Ultra Compact Aluminum Camping Table, White

Its ease of use and convenience makes the Coleman Outdoor Folding Table a customer favorite. It’s slightly smaller than the other camping tables on this list–it’s 27.6″ long, 27.6″ wide, and 27.6″ tall–but it still offers comfortable seating for up to four people. It’s perfect to use as a camping table during outdoor trips and also to bring to cookouts.

This table is lightweight (10 lbs.) and incredibly easy to assemble; the snap-together design folds open and closed seamlessly. Its aluminum slat top and steel frame offer plenty of support and surface room for eating, drinking, and playing cards or board games. You can also use it as additional space for kids to do arts and crafts, or for writing, drawing, and painting. It comes with its own carrying bag for convenient transport and storage.

If you’re looking for a camping table to have “just in case,” then the Coleman Outdoor Folding Table is a top choice. It’s also the most affordable table on our list, so you can’t go wrong with it!


  • Sits up to four people
  • Snap-together design; assembles in seconds without the need for tools
  • Affordable pricing


  • Lightweight; this table may not be able to support heavy camping gear
  • Some customers say the table doesn’t allow adequate knee space underneath

Best Added Features

LPS Mountaineering Eclipse Checkerboard Table

best camping table

There’s a lot to love about the LPS Mountaineering Eclipse Checkerboard Table. One of its most obvious appeals is its built-in checkerboard, which can be used to play checkers or chess.

This camping table is perhaps the easiest to assemble and break down. To set up, simply buckle the straps at each corner and adjust them to provide the tightness you prefer. To break down, unlatch the buckles and then slide the table into its own carrying bag. The process resembles setting up and breaking down simple camping chairs. There’s nothing to it!

The table is only 7 lbs. and measures 27″ long, 27″ wide, and 26″ tall and folds to 36.5″ long, 7″ wide, and 5″ tall; keep it in your trunk for on-the-go use. It has two layers: the checkerboard on top and the bottom, which features four built-in beverage holders. This clever design makes it so you won’t knock over your drink, no matter how competitive the game is!


  • Built-in checkers/chessboard
  • Extra-easy setup and breakdown
  • Comes with own carrying case


  • On the small side and ultra-lightweight; don’t use it to support heavy weight
  • Made of cloth and less durable to heavier wear and tear

Camping Table Buyer’s Guide

It’s easy to look at a few camping tables and think, “What’s the difference?”

When it comes to purchasing one for family trips and get-togethers, there are quite a few details to consider, especially about the quality, durability, and ease of use.

best camping table

Characteristics To Look For In a Camping Table


One of the most important features of a camping table is how well it will hold up over time. Because all the tables in our list are portable, you’ll need to consider possible wear and tear from transporting in and out of a home, car, or shed, and during use.

For a table that’s predominantly used outside, weather resistance is paramount. Look for a material that won’t rust, so you don’t have to worry about damage from rain, snow, or spills. Aluminum is a great material for camping tables because it’s rust-proof, and you can also rest hot pots, pans, and plates on it without worrying about heat damage.

If you choose a camping table that folds in the middle, you’ll need to be vigilant about bowing, which can make everything on the surface unstable.


A camping table’s weight and fold-down size is also important and plays a role in wear and tear. A lightweight table is naturally easier to pack and carry, especially for longer distances.

A more compact camping table is also obviously easier to store at home or to keep in your car if you’re someone who’s often on the go. If you plan to keep it in the car, portability becomes more important. If you plan to use your camping table for backyard get-togethers and barbecues, size and weight will be less of a concern.

Ease of Setup

No one wants to arrive at their destination only to find that their camping table requires more setup than their tent space. A one-piece design that comes assembled and requires minimal breakdown and setup is ideal. Choosing a camping table that doesn’t require additional tools is even better.

Remember that using the camping table will likely coincide with how easy it is to set up and break down.

Extra Features

Some camping tables offer extra bells and whistles–and if so, even better.

Some of these features include the ability to adjust the table height, which allows you to use it as a camping table, a coffee or side table, and a countertop or prep station.

Some tables include built-in shelves or storage space, which is helpful when trying to maintain a clean, organized camp.

One of the camping tables mentioned in our list even has a built-in game board on the top, so it can be used as a game station–whether you’re camping or not.

Intended Uses for Camping Tables

When you purchase anything, it’s important to consider your intended uses.

In addition to being used for camping, these tables are also used for:

  • Barbecues
  • Beach trips
  • Campfires
  • Picnics
  • Tailgate parties

While you’re camping, you may use it for cooking or food prep and for other outdoor activities as well. However, you may choose to bring along a camping table even if you’re in an RV, since they’re known for having sparse counter space.

Camping Table Frequently Asked Questions

best camping table

Do I need a camping table for camping?

No, having a camping table is not absolutely necessary. Some campgrounds provide their own community picnic tables. However, if you’re unsure about whether a campground has picnic tables available or if you’re camping in the wilderness, it’s wise to bring your own.

While a camping table isn’t a necessity, you can use it for many functions, from eating to meal-prepping and spending quality time with friends and family. So if you bring one, it’ll certainly come in handy!

How light should a camping table be?

If you plan to bring your camping table on trips, then look for a table weighing less than 25 lbs.

Wrapping Up the Best Camping Tables

Camping tables aren’t a required camping essential, but if you’re considering comfort and convenience, they come highly recommended.

Using a camping table like the Moosejaw Eatastic Roll-Top Table can make any sort of trip or outing more enjoyable.

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