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small fishing kit

Survival Fishing Kit

In a survival scenario, it’s critical that you have access to a steady food source. Although you may have a certain amount of dry food stored away in your survival food kit, supplies only last for so long. A survival fishing kit is one of the most important survival tools to have on hand, as …

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catching a largemouth bass

How to Catch Largemouth Bass

When it comes to game fishing in North America, there’s one catch that stands above the rest (due to it being seen in all 50 states, excluding Alaska) and that is the largemouth bass. In this post we’re going to cover exactly how to catch largemouth bass. Bass are notoriously adaptable to many different bodies …

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How to fillet a trout

How To Fillet A Trout

When it comes to catching fish, trout are one of my favorite species and knowing how to fillet a trout is vastly important. Not only are they a thrilling and challenging catch (these suckers sure can fight when they’re hooked) but finding them will take you to some of the most awe-inspiring locations; helping you …

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