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There are different methods of CPR, depending on the age of the victim. They are described as follows:

Ask the victim, “Are you all right? Can you speak?” Shake the victim gently by the shoulders.

Open airway using head tilt-chin lift. Place your upper hand on the victim’s forehead, pushing it back. Fingers on lower hand go on the victim’s jawbone, directly under chin, helping to raise it.

Check for breathing. This must be done in three to five seconds and is a three-way check. Rescuer’s ear is close to victim’s mouth to hear breathing; feel warm air on cheek; see movement in victim’s chest.

Begin breathing. Seal the victim’s nostrils with thumb and index finger of upper hand. With a firm seal around victim’s mouth, breathe twice, each inhalation one to 11/2 seconds.

Check carotid pulse. Use the tips of two fingers on the side of the neck closest to the rescuer and check for five to 10 seconds. Do not use the thumb because it has its own pulse.

Prepare for chest compressions. Find notch at the bottom of the breastbone. Place the heel of upper hand two finger-widths above the lower hand.

Begin compressions. Place lower hand on upper hand and interlace fingers and give 15 compressions within nine to 11 seconds.

Ventilate twice. Inspiration again should be one to 11/2 seconds. Repeat procedure of 15 compressions and two ventilation’s each four times. Check carotid pulse for five seconds.