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Teepee Fire

The Teepee fire is an efficient fire. It lights easily, burns well, and is fairly easy to start and maintain. The Teepee fire gives off a great amount of heat even if it is relatively small in size. Select an area for your fire. Depending on the conditions, choose the best site for your situation.

How to build a teepee fire:

1 – Gather your tinderkindling and wood you will use to fuel the fire. How much of all will depend on the size of the fire you are building.

2 – Clear a circle for your fire, making sure the area is free of anything that could catch fire, above you as well as around you.

3 – Place your tinder in the center of the circle.

4 – Use your kindling to build the frame of the Teepee fire. Lay the small diameter twigs and sticks against one another and over the tinder bundle to form a teepee shape. Leave a small opening in the frame on the upwind side. You will use this opening to light the fire.

5 – Gradually start adding larger, thicker twigs as you build outwards, leaving plenty of air space between the sticks. Be careful to maintain the shape of the teepee at all times.

6 – Light the fire through the small opening you left in the frame. After the small twigs begin to burn, continue to add more and more larger pieces remembering not to suffocate the fire. You want to make sure that plenty of air gets into the heart of the fire.

Teepee Fire