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Creative Firewood Storage Solutions for Your Home

Whether you’re hoping to host a summer s’mores night or dreaming of cozying up by your fireplace in the winter, you’re going to need one thing on hand: firewood!

However, storing firewood can be a challenge, particularly if you don’t have much space. So what can you do?

Let’s go over some of the things to keep in mind when storing firewood, including some creative firewood storage solutions you can try!

A modern-style indoor firewood storage rack.

Indoor or Outdoor Storage: Which is Best?

It depends on what you’re most concerned about: keeping your firewood close at hand, or keeping dirt and pests out of your home.

Outdoor storage is always “safest” for you and the cleanliness of your home. Firewood can shed bits of bark, splinters, dust, and woodchips that can damage or dirty your floors.

If you’re unlucky enough to step on some firewood debris, you could end up with a pretty hefty splinter!

Firewood can also take on mold, and you don’t want to bring that into your home.

Besides bits of the firewood itself, you also have insects and other pests to deal with. Mice and rats adore woodpiles and will happily make themselves a cozy home inside one.

Firewood is also a haven for all types of insects, particularly spiders. Not exactly an infestation you want to invite into your house!

However, keeping your firewood outdoors can also be inconvenient, particularly in the winter. It’s not very fun to have to traipse through the snow to fetch your firewood.

Keeping your firewood outdoors can also result in it getting wet, which can definitely put a “damper” on your cozy fireplace plans.

If you keep your wood outside, you’re pretty much certain to end up housing some critters. The only difference is that you’ll have the chance to clean the logs and shake them out before taking them inside!

A brown mouse in a pile of firewood.

All in all, keeping your firewood outdoors is the recommended method.

Preventing Bugs, Mold, and Other Unwanted Invaders

If you do want to keep your firewood inside, there are measures you can take to prevent yourself from playing host to some unpleasant visitors!

Firstly, it helps if you store your firewood off the ground. This will keep it out of reach of mice and rats.

If you can’t store it off the ground, try spraying the area around it (not the actual firewood!) with pest repellent. This gives off a smell that’s undesirable to mice, rats, and most insects!

To prevent mold, make sure your firewood is dry before you bring it inside for storage. If you throw a pile of damp wood in your house, you’ll end up with a pile of molded-over wood that you don’t want to touch, let alone burn.

Firewood logs showing mold growth.
Firewood with mold growth.

Try to keep your firewood in a dry room–avoid the basement in particular! Dark and moist places are prime real estate for mold.

If you’re concerned about insects and want to take an extra step past pest repellent, you can actually bake your firewood!

Provided your oven has enough space, you can put your logs in at a low temperature (no higher than 150 degrees Fahrenheit!) and let the heat kill off the bugs.

While this is an effective way to get rid of insects and head off infestations before they happen, it’s also a good way to accidentally start a house fire. Keep your oven on low heat, don’t leave your logs inside for longer than an hour, and keep a very close eye on the logs.

While they shouldn’t catch fire, there’s no way to be fully sure they won’t. The ignition temperature of most logs is around 250 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can also try freezing the wood. However, this will require a chest freezer, and it can also end up making your wood damp.

These methods will also work to help keep your wood clean outside, but they probably won’t be as effective.

Picking the Best Firewood–Yes, There is Such a Thing!

For wood that’s sure to burn well, you always want to choose a type of hardwood.

Stacked hardwood firewood logs.

Oak is widely regarded as the best firewood out there, followed closely by cherry wood, birch wood, and maple wood.

Certain varieties of wood will burn longer, while others burn hotter. Oak burns long and hot, which is why it tops the list!

How to Keep Your Firewood Dry

If storing your firewood outdoors, there are a few ways to keep it as dry as possible!

Firstly, you could choose a shed as your firewood storage solution. This will keep your firewood safe from snow, rain, and other inclement weather.

(If you have a firewood seasoning shed, that’s even better!)

For an added measure of protection, you can set up a dehumidifier in your shed.

If you don’t have a shed, a tarp is your next best option. You can fasten a waterproof tarp over your firewood storage unit to keep rain and snow out.

Again, try to store your firewood off the ground for best results, but if you don’t have that option, you can wrap your tarp fully around your logs. Better something than nothing!

A large outdoor firewood storage rack holding logs of all sizes.

What Makes Firewood Unsafe to Burn?

The most common firewood danger is mold. If your firewood storage unit failed to prevent molding, do not burn the wood.

Burning moldy wood will release spores into the air, which can harm your lungs and exacerbate medical conditions such as asthma.

It can also result in mold spreading throughout your home.

If you’re burning firewood outdoors, it’s not quite as risky, but still not recommended outside of an emergency situation.

If your wood is damp but not soaked to the point of not being able to burn, you still shouldn’t attempt it. Wet wood or wood that’s been cut from living trees (also known as green wood) produces a hefty amount of smoke, and if you’re having a fire indoors, this can pose a risk.

You also shouldn’t burn treated or painted wood. These woods are filled to the brim with chemicals, and trust us, you don’t want to be breathing those in!

If your firewood is safe to burn, the last thing you need to check is if there are any burn bans in effect in your area. Burn bans are put in place when conditions are unsafe for people to have fires outdoors. If you ignore these bans, you can easily start a wildfire.

Burn bans do not apply to indoor fires.

A tall indoor firewood storage rack.

When to Replace Your Firewood

When kept properly in a firewood storage unit, wood can last for years. Provided it’s kept dry, clean, and out of reach of mice, firewood can be stored for up to a decade!

If you don’t get through your firewood stash in ten years’ time, or you have an emergency store that you’ve kept that long, it’s time to replace it.

Our Favorite Firewood Storage Units

Now that we’ve discussed all the things you need to know about storing firewood, let’s get into three of our favorite firewood storage products.

Best Overall

VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Firewood Rack

VIVOHOME 6ft Heavy Duty Indoor Outdoor Firewood Storage Log Rack with Cover Combo Set Black

When picking the best firewood storage unit for you and your needs, you need to decide if you’ll be storing your firewood indoors or outdoors.

However, the VIVIHOME Heavy Duty Firewood Rack is one of the few units out there that would work indoors or outdoors!

At six feet long, it can store plenty of firewood without taking up too much of your home or yard space.

Thanks to its steel frame, you can rest assured knowing your firewood will be suspended safely off the ground.

It also comes with a dampproof cover, which will keep rain and snow out if you choose to set up your firewood storage outside.

The one downside is that if you choose to store your firewood indoors, this firewood storage unit isn’t very pretty.


  • Keeps firewood off the ground
  • Keeps firewood dry
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Big enough to store plenty of wood
  • Small enough to fit in smaller yards or homes


  • A bit of an eyesore for your indoor space

Best for Indoor Firewood Storage

AMAGABELI Firewood Rack and Tools Set

AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Fireplace Tools Set Firewood Rack indoor Wood Holders Fireplace Outdoor Log Holder Rack Lumber Storage Stacking Black Stove Wrought Iron Large Logs Accessories

Now, if you have your heart set on finding a firewood storage solution that allows you to keep your wood indoors, the AMAGABELI firewood rack is what you want.

This firewood holder does it all: it keeps your firewood organized, dry, and off the floor. It also comes with a complete set of all fireplace tools you’ll need to tend to a roaring fire, as well as clean up afterward.

One thing to be aware of is that this rack doesn’t keep firewood out of reach of your furry family members. Dugs don’t really know the difference between logs and sticks, and they may try to chew up your logs if they can reach them, so keep a watchful eye on your dogs when they’re around this firewood storage rack.

On top of unbeatable functionality, this firewood holder is just plain beautiful. Its stylish design is understated enough to match any decor style, but elegant enough to look like it belongs in your home. The sturdy design allows you to keep a decent amount of firewood inside without taking up lots of space.


  • Stylish
  • Keeps firewood off the ground
  • Holds plenty of firewood


  • Not ideal for outdoor storage

Best for Outdoor Firewood Storage

Woodhaven Outdoor Firewood Rack

Woodhaven 12 Foot 3/4 Cord Black Outdoor Wood Rack With Optional Seasoning Cover - Heavy Duty Metal Log Rack For Storing Wood - Black Powder Coat Finish (Cover)

If you’ve decided outdoor firewood storage solutions are the way to go, you can’t do better than the Woodhaven Outdoor Firewood Rack.

This massive firewood storage unit will make a stunning addition to your deck, patio, or backyard. Its sleek design offers room to store both logs and branches for kindling.

The sheer amount of firewood this rack can hold is amazing. At 12 feet long, you won’t be running out of storage space–or firewood–anytime soon!

This rack also keeps your firewood off the ground. It also comes with an optional seasoning cover — the wood that’s exposed goes through the drying and seasoning while the wood under the cover stays dry and ready to use.

Though this firewood storage unit still stays pretty low to the ground, the gap underneath will allow you to spray plenty of pest repellent!


  • Big enough to store plenty of firewood
  • Stylish
  • Cover makes sure there’s always dry wood available for fires
  • Keeps firewood from touching the ground


  • Some complaints that the seasoning cover rips easily — may need to replace

Firewood Storage Unit Buyer’s Guide

Hexagon-shaped outdoor firewood storage racks.

As mentioned, the first thing you need to decide before shopping for a firewood storage unit is where you want to keep it.

Your needs will be different depending on whether you’re seeking an outdoor or indoor unit.

The other thing you need to consider is how much firewood you’ll be storing.

If you won’t be keeping a large store of firewood on hand, you won’t need something nearly as big as the FirePitScreens rack. But if you plan to stock up on firewood to last you a long time, it’s perfect.

If you choose to store a larger stock of firewood indoors, you may even want to get multiple units!

Get Creative With Your Firewood Storage Solutions!

A stylish indoor firewood storage rack near a Christmas tree.

No matter how unique your space is, there will always be a way to store your firewood without cramping your home or inviting pests inside. You just have to get a bit creative with it…even if that means baking your logs for a bit!

If you’ve got your firewood storage units handled, but the fire itself won’t seem to light…we’ve got you covered! Check out our campfire section now!