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Fire Lighting

The ability of knowing how to light a fire is an important skill and can be a lifesaver. In a survival situation you may find yourself without matches, cigarette lighters, etc. It is important to be aware of the many different methods of fire lighting. Some methods may force you to make use of natural materials, others are more modern methods than some. However all are useful skills to learn and practice.

lighting a fire
BatteryGun Powder
BinocularsHand Drill
BlastMatchIce Lens
Bow and DrillMagnesium Fire Starter
Char ClothMagnifying Lens
Convex LensMetal Match
Fat WoodPetroleum Jelly Fire starter
Feather StickPump Drill
Ferrocerium RodsPunk Wood
Flint and SteelReflectors
Fire PistonSlam Rod
Fire PlowSparks with Rocks
Fire SawTinder Bundle
Fire SteelTinder Fungus
Fire SyringeTinder Stick
Fire ThongWater Lens