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Survival Uses For Wood Ashes

Wood ashes are a great source for mineral-rich dust that has a lot of practical uses in a survival situation. For most cases it is important to note that the wood ash you use must not contain residue from plastic, food, or other trash that was burned in the fire. These substances can be toxic.

  • De-skunk – a handful of wood ashes rubbed into your hair neutralizes the lingering odor.
  • Make Soap – ash is a great soap as strange as it may sound. Mix with water to make a paste, scrub, and rinse clean with water. Of course like any soap avoid your eyes.
  • Ice/Snow Melting – you can use wood ashes as an anti/de-icing agent
  • Slug Repellant – if you find yourself in a moist area, you can sprinkle wood ashes around your resting area to deter slugs
  • Cleaning – you can clean your gear and cooking supplies with a mixture of wood ashes and water.