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Safety Pin

A safety pin is a simple metallic or plastic device consisting of a length of wire coiled at its center to create a spring effect, sharpened to a point on one end, and containing a clasp of the other end to hold the sharp end in place and cover it to protect the user.

A safety pin has so many uses in a survival situation. Among only some it can be used to take out splinters, mend clothing or gear, to make a finger splint, replace a zipper puller, to secure bandages, use as fishing hooks, wound closure (makeshift stitches), pin a shirt sleeve to a shirt to make a sling, use when making traps, as a clothes pin, to detangle or get knots out of your fishing line, use on a blanket to make a sleeping bag, as a hair clip or as part of your shelter. There are hundreds of uses, this is why you will see safety pins as a part of the best survival kits.