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Uses for Panty Hose

There are literally hundreds of alternative uses for pantyhose. We have chosen to list the uses most relevant to a survival situation.

  • Use pantyhose to secure bait while fishing. Place bait in a square cut from pantyhose and secure to keep from losing bait while fishing.
  • Use pantyhose as a pouch or bag to carry things.
  • Use pantyhose to fasten or bind things together instead of twine or bungee cords. The elasticity of pantyhose makes them perfect all-purpose tie-down straps. Or, just cut off the waistband and use it as a giant rubber band.  You can also use pantyhose to help construct a shelter by using them to tie cross joints in a structure.
  • You can use pantyhose as a scrunchy (hair band), headband, or as a belt to keep your trousers up.
  • You can wear pantyhose as a base layer beneath other cold weather attire to keep warm.
  • In first aid, you can utilize pantyhose as a tourniquet or to hold and/or secure a bandage or hot and cold pack.
  • Use pantyhose to filter or strain collected water (remove debris and particles).
  • Stretch a pair of pantyhose over a “Y” shaped branch or stick and use as a skimmer or a fishing net.
  • Use pantyhose to prevent blisters. Cut the feet off of a pair of pantyhose at the ankles and wear them under your socks. They will help cut down on the friction between your shoe and your foot, thus reducing the risk of blisters.
  • Use pantyhose to prevent bites and stings. Wear pantyhose under your shorts or pants to protect against chiggers or insect bites. You can also wear them in the water to protect from jellyfish stings and leaches.