Every Day Items

Makeup Mirror

A small mirror will reflect the sun so can be used to signal to airplanes and rescuers from miles away. In the right conditions, a mirror can also be used to start a fire.


Besides the obvious (burning them), you can use magazines to create a makeshift splint for a forearm or wrist injury. To make this impromptu case simply place your wrist palm-down on top of a thick magazine(s). Roll the magazine into a U-shaped cradle and secure it with tape, an ace bandage, or long strips torn from a …

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Every Day Survival Items

When you have no formal supplies, improvisation is key. Altoids Tin Makeup Mirror Animal Parts Newspaper Binder Clip Panty Hose Car Battery Paper Clip Cans Pen Car Battery Pencil ChapStick Plastic Bottles Credit Card Safety Pin Condoms Shoelaces Dental Floss Socks Glasses Soda Can Lipstick Tampons Magazines Thread Matchbook Wood Ashes Maxi-Pads Wristwatch

Uses for a Condom

Condoms have many uses in a survival situation: Pillow (blow up and tie) Flotaion Device Latex Glove Slingshot Tourniquet Hair Tie Carrying Pouch Starting a Fire To Gather and Store Water Use as a Sterile Dressing

Binder Clip

Binder clip uses A binder clip is a simple device for binding things of together. Here are some ways that binder clips can be repurposed in a survival situation: Use as Clothespins or to hang gear, food, etc. Use for Clothing Alterations (to hold up cuffs on jeans or shirt sleeves, or even use smaller …

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Animal Parts

You can use different animal parts for many purposes. Animal bones can be used as makeshift tools and / or weapons. Animal hides can be used for clothing, footware, belts, laces and straps. Hides can also be utilized as a great component for a shelter. Animal feathers can be used in making arrows, insulating clothing, and …

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Altoids Tin

Altoids candy comes in a variety of small, sturdy metal tins. The most obvious use for an empty altoids tin is for storage and collection. It can be used to make a great survival or first aid kit, as well as to store food, tackle, fire starting components, what have you. Use an altoids tin to make Char …

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