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Uses for a Condom

Condoms have many uses in a survival situation: Pillow (blow up and tie) Flotaion Device Latex Glove Slingshot Tourniquet Hair Tie Carrying Pouch Starting a Fire To Gather and Store Water Use as a Sterile Dressing

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Binder Clip

Binder clip uses A binder clip is a simple device for binding things of together. Here are some ways that binder clips can be repurposed in a survival situation: Use as Clothespins or to hang gear, food, etc. Use for Clothing Alterations (to hold up cuffs on jeans or shirt sleeves, or even use smaller …

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Animal Parts

You can use different animal parts for many purposes. Animal bones can be used as makeshift tools and / or weapons. Animal hides can be used for clothing, footware, belts, laces and straps. Hides can also be utilized as a great component for a shelter. Animal feathers can be used in making arrows, insulating clothing, and …

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Altoids Tin

Altoids candy comes in a variety of small, sturdy metal tins. The most obvious use for an empty altoids tin is for storage and collection. It can be used to make a great survival or first aid kit, as well as to store food, tackle, fire starting components, what have you. Use an altoids tin to make Char …

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